The Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers
A very busy winter has passed and the summer is looking to be equally as busy. Completed projects such as a totally new set of by-laws, updating our website, landowners’ appreciation day, club rides, streamlining the groomer reporting process, etc. are behind us. However, we will be facing several new projects in the upcoming months. The biggest project of the year was the purchase of a new grooming system. At the April meeting, the Club members authorized a committee (to be headed by President John Murphy, Jr.) to go forward with the purchase of either a new 2006 groomer or a 2005 demonstrator which was available, as well as a new 8-foot wide drag and a new 8-foot wide hydraulic compactor bar. At the May meeting, the committee reported that they had chosen a 2005 Tucker 1000 demonstrator with 25 hours and 100 miles on it along with a new 8-foot wide hydraulic snow compactor and a new 8-foot wide AFMI drag. As well groomed trails are “job one” for our club, this updated equipment will be a major factor in accomplishing our goal. The upgrading of our trails from Class 2 to Class 1 has been approved by the Windsor County Snowmobile Club and VAST in recognition of our new and larger equipment. A fundraising effort has been launched to raise funds for the new grooming system which will be delivered in the fall, if you care to donate please use our address below. Two chicken barbecue fundraisers are scheduled, one for this summer on July 9th and another one this fall on Oct 8th. Dinners will be served at approximately 11:00 AM. If you wish to help, please call President Murphy at 802-228-5686. Also, because of the generosity of some our members, we will once again be conducting a major raffle this year with the first prize being a one-week stay at a condo in the Virgin Islands. In July, we will hold our annual elections. In accordance with our new by-laws the top four officers will serve alternating two year terms to provide continuity in our leadership. Nominations will be at the June meeting. If you are interested in becoming an officer, call the nominating committee at 802-228-2867. As always, we have several trail projects in the planning, a couple of which are major ones. If you can help, call Trail Master Terry Ellison 802-236-7683. We did very well with our annual membership numbers this year, especially so when you consider there was a substantial drop in the total VAST membership. Assistant Secretary Missy Waysville is taking orders for club shirts. You may place an order by calling Missy at 802-228-7877. Please visit the web-site, or email us at for updates of club activities.