The Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers
The Membership Committee has reported that our 04/05 membership total of 563 members is up from last year's total of 496 members. The Committee handled over $55,000.00, the bulk of which was forwarded to VAST and the County.
Special thanks were extended to our TMA outlets, Ludlow NAPA., Ludlow Country Store, Ludlow Insurance and Stoddard's Country Store. New updated by-laws were approved after a detailed presentation by the By-law Committee consisting of John Murphy Jr., Ted Stryhas, Terry Ellison, Sidney Craven, Ron Bixby and Doug Peabody. Please note the new Club name, "Ludlow" Side Hill Cronchers.
The Fundraising Committee is planning another raffle which will feature a condo in St. Thomas for a week as a result of the Kerschner family, once again, generously offering theirs to the Club as a donation.
Missy Waysville reported she still has Club sweatshirts and t-shirts for sale. Missy can be reached by calling 802-228-7877.
A landowner's appreciation cook-out that featured snowmobile and groomer rides for the landowners was held at Brett Sanderson's. Plenty of food and hospitality were the highlight of the day. Chairman Bret Harlow reported that the event had a good turnout and was deemed a success.
The highlight of the Club's spring activity was to purchase an updated groomer. The members authorized a committee to make the decision to buy either a new 2006 Tucker 1000 groomer and new AFMI 8-foot drag or a 2005 Tucker 1000 that Cook's Equipment in Newport, Vermont used as a demonstrator. President Murphy, Groomer Master Brett Sanderson, Jack Koponen and Steve Kondracki took the trip to Newport on Monday, April 11th and purchased a new grooming system consisting of a 2005 Tucker 1000 Groomer with 25 hours and 100 miles on it. The committee also decided to purchase an 8-foot AFMI drag and a hydraulic snow compactor which is used to compact the snow after a substantial storm. This serves to add to the base on the trail and extend the time snow remains available for grooming. The groomer cost is $112,000.00, the drag $8,750.00 and the compactor $3,500.00. A fundraising project was immediately launched to cover costs over and above the trade-in of our existing groomer and VAST grants. It is our intent to minimize any financing as best we can.
There are several trail projects coming up this summer, hopefully, the Club workforce will be able to once again rise to the occasion.