The Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers
January 2006 Newsletter
The early snow in December was a welcome site. Two storms just before the snowmobile season opened allowed us to get the new groomer out and by using the snow compactor in conjunction with the drag we created a great base for the trails. Then along came the warm weather and rain to drain our hopes for an on time start of a snow filled season. Now we are once again waiting for Mother Nature to get over her holiday blues and bless us with some true winter weather with plenty of snow. On January 7th the club held a "groomer christening" to celebrate our purchase of our new groomer and to honor the founders or originators of our club. Over 75 members and guests participated in the event. Club President John Murphy, Jr. explained that the purchase of a new groomer, snow compactor and drag was a major undertaking for our club and warranted a celebration to commemorate the occasion. At he same time we would honor the founding members that started our club some 35 years ago. President Murphy acknowledged the 17 known originators of our club, Dave Harlow, Bill Jarvi, John Norton, Bob Buswell, Jack Koponen, Patricia Ellison, Ignatius Matulonis, Bob Merrill, Art Scales, Charlie Smith, Nelson DeRoo, Harvey Gray, Herb Ellison, Jim Ellison, Ray McCullough, Ake Koponen and Fred Ellison. He announced that, as of this night, the surviving members have been made life members of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club. President Murphy also stated that the research to identify those that gathered together some 35 years ago to begin the process of creating our club was difficult and hopefully no one was left out. Also in attendance were several invited guests who have helped and assisted our club throughout the years; State Representative Alice Nitka; Retired State Representative John Murphy Sr.; VAST Director from Windsor County Bruce Murray; VAST Alternate Director from Windsor County Dick Jewett; VAST President Ann Shangraw; VAST Trails Administrator Alexis Nowalk; Windsor County Assistant Trail Master Leon (Woody) Woods; and Windsor Country Treasurer Gail Woods all were there to help us commemorate this occasion. The originators in attendance officially christened our new "Snow Ship", which will be used to keep our trails "Ship Shape", by throwing snowballs at it. This was accomplished with great enthusiasm. A great buffet and genuine camaraderie followed. Several club activities are scheduled for this winter, keep your eye on our web site for details. If we don't have your e-mail address, please send it so we can keep you informed.
Feel free to use our club e-mail address to contact any one of our officers or by telephone.