Issue 5 Feb 2007

Snowmobile Club
P.O. Box 222
Ludlow, Vermont 05149

John Murphy, Jr.



It's not to late, Think Snow!

Trail Work:
If you would like to help with some of the trail work, please contact our Trail Master Randy Ellison 802-228-7266

VAST = Vermont Association of Snow Travelers

Can be purchased at the following locations:

Ludlow Country Store
Ludlow Insurance
Ludlow Napa
Exit 9 Motor Sports

Upcoming Events:

March 3rd - Basket of Cheer Raffle - Get your tickets now! $1.00 each or 7 for $5.00.


I know five inches of snow isn't a whole lot to brag about, but when you've been deprived all winter it's good enough to get the sled out. The trail maintenance crew was also eager to get out after the snowfall. The crew went out early on the 3rd to make sure the trails were clear of any blow downs and open up the gates so folks could get out on the trails while there is still snow. Conditions may not be the greatest but a few folks have been out making the best of it. We've seen a few of you stopping on North Hill to get your picture on the webcam. Don't forget to give a wave now and then; you never know who will be watching.


We're still accepting donations for our basket of cheer raffle if anyone would like to donate a bottle of booze. You can contact John Murphy Jr., Doug & Terry Peabody or drop it off at Rick & Cindy Yuris's. Raffle tickets are also still available it anyone would like them.

Club Meetings and Events

I've been reading through some of the club history and it's interesting to note that back in 1971 as many as fifty or more people attended the club meetings. I'm sad to report, that our current club meetings are attended by the same handful of people every month (give or take a few). It would be great to see a better turn out at these meetings and get some fresh ideas and input. It would also be nice to see a few new faces helping out on our fund raising events. Don't be shy, we really are a fun loving bunch and would love to have better attendance. Keeping up with the cost of the groomer and trail maintenance can be costly to any club, so fundraising events are an important part of our activities. If you would like to get involved please let us know.

Snowmobile Safety

The weekend of February 3rd, there were six fatal snowmobile accidents in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. All of them could have been avoided. Drowning is the leading cause of snowmobile fatalities, so if you're going to cross the ice, make absolutely sure it is frozen. Speed and alcohol are another cause of many snowmobile fatalities. Be aware of your current terrain and have good visibility and please don't drink and drive.

Land Owner Respect

Please remember to respect our land owners' wishes and stay on our marked trails. Also, show respect to the other users of our trails, many times they are the actual owners of the property the trails are on.

Slow down, pass safely and give them a friendly wave to let them know we appreciate having a place to snowmobile. Because without them, that snowmobile is going nowhere and you might as well us it as a lawn ornament.