Issue 4 Jan 2007

Snowmobile Club
P.O. Box 222
Ludlow, Vermont 05149

John Murphy, Jr.



Please Do Your Snow Dance!

Trail Work:
If you would like to help with some of the trail work, please contact our Trail Master Randy Ellison 802-228-7266

Thanks to all our members that purchased their TMA's early. The Drawing will be held January 8th.

VAST = Vermont Association of Snow Travelers

Upcoming Events:

January 13th - Holiday Party at Randy and Cheryl Ellisons

January 27th - Ride In At the Ellison Camp

February 3rd - Ludlow Winter Carnival

March 3rd - Landowners Gathering at Bret Sandersons

March 3rd - Basket of Cheer Raffle - Get your tickets now! $1.00 each or 7 for $5.00.

Happy New Year! Landowner Helps Out

Trail maintenance crews were busy during November and December trying to keep the trails in good shape just in case it should snow some time during the winter season. One Saturday morning, we had three separate crews out working. One crew was installing trail signs, the other crew was working with the excavator to do a trail re-location and the third crew was busy cutting up trees that had blown down on the trails. When they arrived at one location, they heard the sound of a tractor near by, and were surprised to find landowner Butch Plimpton on his tractor with a chainsaw and his faithful companion "Skidder" out on the trail already cutting up blow downs. The extra help made the work go faster and Skidder of course, did a great job supervising the crew. Our thanks to Butch for the helping hand,

it was greatly appreciated. And of course, a big thanks to all our landowners for the use of their property and all our volunteers.

We wouldn't have the great trail system we have, if it weren't for our landowners and volunteers.


The club recently made a $5,000.00 donation to the Ludlow Fire Department for the new rescue unit. The donation was made possible by a grant from VAST. Information and pictures about the presentation are available on our website. Thanks to VAST and all our members who helped make this possible.

News From The Past

On January 22, 1971 the Side Hill Cronchers held an organizational meeting at the Tyson Church and elected their first club president. It was at this meeting that they officially chose the name "Side Hill Cronchers" for the club. Membership dues were $3.00 per member and there were about fifty members in attendance. The club at this time covered the three areas of Tyson, Plymouth and Ludlow. After reading the club scrap book put together by Polly Ellison, I have to wonder if they knew what a battle they had ahead of them. There was a lot of opposition to snowmobiles at the time.

Here is a very small portion of a newspaper article from January 22, 1971 from an unhappy landowner.

"Let's face it, snowmobiles have polarized our society. While many people are gripped by the novelty of this toy. A growing number regard them as thoroughly obnoxious contraptions especially designed to torture all those who treasure the peace and tranquility of the forest."

The article itself was rather lengthy but certainly mild in its criticism compared to others that followed. Needless to say, there was an outpouring of articles from the snowmobile community in defense of the sport. The club spent the next three years lobbying for snowmobile rights, actively participating in hearings regarding proposed bills that would have a profound impact on the rights of snowmobiling as we know it today.

Please remember during the snowmobile season, that the trails cross many private properties. This is a privilege granted us by the landowners. Please stay on the Trails.