Issue 2 Nov 2006

Snowmobile Club
P.O. Box 222
Ludlow, Vermont 05149

John Murphy, Jr.



Please remember the VAST snowmobile trails do not open until December 16, 2006

Trail Work:
If you would like to help with some of the trail work, please contact our Trail Master Randy Ellison 802-228-7266

TMA's are now available. Check our Website for information.

It's that time of year again when snowmobilers start to get that itch. Just the mention of snow they start doing that little foot shuffle dance while rubbing their hands together, cause they just can't wait for the snow to pile up. Their machines are ready to go. They've been shined up, greased up, tuned up, gassed up, started up and just waiting for a test drive. So, other than snow, what more could you ask for? Trails are cleared, bridges mended, new paths cut, and the groomer is in top shape. And it's only early November. Everything is ready and there's nothing left to look forward to other than snow. Right?

Well, we can't make it snow, so, being the innovative group that we are, we did the next best thing. On November 2nd, the Side Hill Cronchers went live with their new Web-Cam located on the North Hill trail by the power lines. But this is not just any Web-Cam. It will eventually be hooked into a weather station so you'll be able to see the trial condition, get the temperature, wind speed and wind chill on the hill. Club members have worked hard to get this in and ready for the winter snowmobile season, so be sure to log in to the website and check it out. And remember, when you're out on the North Hill from now on, you're on Croncher Candid Cam.

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

Well, fortunately they can't, which is probably a good thing. Our Side Hill Cronchers on the other hand, can chuck plenty of wood. And that is exactly what they've been doing all year long. To date, they have split 18 cords of wood and put in a total of 240 man hours.

That's six full forty hour work weeks for those not mathematically inclined.

The wood itself is donated to the club, which we in turn, sell to our members for firewood. One cord of wood was recently purchased by a member and then donated to a needy family.

This is a truly great group of guy's who work very hard, cutting, and splitting the wood. They then load it on the trucks and deliver it. It's important to note, that all of this hard work and effort is done on a volunteer basis by club members.

Another very important thing to remember is that all the equipment which is being used, as well as the gas for the trucks, is also donated by our members.

Hats off to the logging team, and those who have donated time, money, equipment or effort. The rest of us hope you know how much we really appreciate you.

Now, just for fun.

We all know that a cord of wood is 4ft X 4ft X 8ft, right?

But, did you know out of a cord of wood, you could produce the following:

30 Boston Rockers


7,500,000 Toothpicks


4,384,000 Postage Stamps


460,000 personal checks


12 dining room tables that seat 8 people each


Heat, the equivalent to what is produced by a ton of coal or 200 gallons of fuel oil?