Issue 1 Sep-Oct 2006

Protesting Chicken at Croncher BBQ

Saturday September 30th, the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers snowmobile club, held their 2nd chicken barbecue of the season on the green in Ludlow. It was a perfect day for a barbecue, blue sky, seasonably warm weather, and the usual club volunteers all in their places with bright shinny faces. Just about the time the first customers came to purchase their chicken dinner, an unusual protester showed up across the street from the green with a sign that read "Eat More Beef". Now, normally, a protester at any event would be a problem, however, this particular protester happened to be a life sized yellow chicken. At the time, club members really weren't sure where the chicken came from (You know, Chicken or Egg? Still an issue and the chicken wasn't talking.) So, what do you do with a protesting chicken while your trying to sell it's relatives at a barbecue? Well, you walk across the street and invite the chicken to dinner (chicken of course). Fortunately for the Side Hill Cronchers, the chicken unbeknownst to them at the time happened to be one of their own members having a little fun at their expense.



While the volunteers were hard at work selling chicken, the chicken itself was busy in the public relations department waving to all that passing traffic, assisting people in the cross walks, and occasionally posing for a pictures for those lucky enough to have a camera. A big thanks to all our volunteers for their help and a special thanks to all the people who come out to support our efforts while they enjoyed eating the best barbecued chicken in Ludlow with the secret Murphy sauce. You are all part of what makes the club a success. And, if you're wondering "how did the chicken cross the road?" Well, you'll just have to show up at the next Side Hill Croncher barbecue and find out.

Getting Ready For Snowmobile Season

The Cronchers are gearing up for the winter season. Maintenance on the trails is in full swing and a few new trails added. The boys have also been very busy chopping wood and selling it to people who use it for their fireplaces or to heat their homes during the winter. Our sincere thanks to all of you who have donated your time, effort, and equipment. We couldn't do it without you and we really do appreciate your hard work.


We are all looking forward to the snowmobile season and for those of you who are not around on a regular basis, or don't get the Vast News, Well, Have we got a surprise for you.

Stay tuned for more information.