Side Hill Croncher Newsletter


Issue 7

May 2007


John Murphy, Jr.







Trail Work:

If you would like to help with some of the trail work please contact our Trail Master Randy Ellison at 802-228-7266.


VAST = Vermont Association of Snow Travelers


Upcoming Event:

2nd Annual Golf Tournament

 Our annual golf tournament will be held June 15th at the Green Mountain National Golf Club.  Anyone interested in signing up for this event needs to do so by June 8th.

Registration forms for players and sponsors are available at the following places:

Ludlow Napa

Ludlow Insurance Ludlow Country Store or on the our Website.

See Website for details


Next Club meeting:


Saturday May 12th at

Bruce and Tuula Ingersonís

Time: 6:30 p.m.


Season Update  


This past winter was not exactly one of our better snowmobile seasons. 
We didnít have any snow for the first eight weeks of the season, or the last two weeks.  Although we managed to get in six good weeks of snow, the groomer only logged 1,212 miles. The club receives funds from VAST each year for grooming, but this year we fell short of what we normally receive due to the lack of snow. This money helps pay for the groomer, maintenance cost and other necessary expenses.  Unfortunately, seasons like this can have a serious effect on our finances.



Plymouth Snow Sneakers Benefit Cookout


On Saturday June 2nd, the Plymouth Snow Sneakers Snowmobile Club is holding a Benefit Cookout & Prize Raffle.  Our club members have all been invited to join this event and have the opportunity to meet some of our neighboring snowmobilers,

and make some new friends.  The event will be held from 11:30 Ė 2:00.  We ask that you RSVP Spike or Missy at 802-672-3547 so they can plan accordingly and provide directions.



Proposed Changes for TMA Structure


There is currently a new proposal under consideration at VAST to change the categories and rate structure for the 2007-2008 snowmobile season. Itís currently in the draft phase and the outcome will depend on input from all involved. Some highlights of the proposal being considered are:


Antique Snowmobiles  

1-time fee for snowmobiles considered to be antiques in the 25 year & older range.  (Would require registration)


Classic Snowmobiles  

Snowmobiles 15 to 24 years would be considered Classics.

The TMA fee for all sleds in this category would pay reduced fee from those in the regular category.  In addition TMAís purchased prior to December 15th would receive an additional discount.


Regular Snowmobiles  

Snowmobiles less than 15 years old would be classified as regular snowmobiles.  TMAís purchased prior to December 15th would receive a discounted rate.


Family Rate

In this category, rates would apply to owners having more than two sleds.  After the first two sleds, the TMA fee would be reduced by Ĺ for each additional sled.   In addition TMAís purchased prior to December 15th would receive an additional discount.



3 Day or 7 Day or 9 Day Pass

Under further consideration, is a 3, 7, or 9 day pass which would allow families the opportunity to snowmobile together during the school vacations or holiday weeks.  Currently these rates apply only after February 10th.   



Newly created TMA classifications would be sold only through the VAST office. Clubs would not be expected to handle these new TMAís. 


Phase two of this proposal would have all TMAís available for sale on the VAST website.


Further Information will be forthcoming from VAST and a complete review of the proposal(s) will be available prior

To the VAST annual meeting in September