Side Hill Croncher Newsletter


Issue 6

March 2007


John Murphy, Jr.







Trail Work:

If you would like to help with some of the trail work, please contact our Trail Master Randy Ellison 802-228-7266


VAST = Vermont Association of Snow Travelers



Can be purchased at the following locations:


Ludlow Country Store

Ludlow Insurance

Ludlow Napa

Exit 9 Motor Sports


Upcoming Events:

 Planning is getting underway for the next golf tournament.  Weíll send out email when we have more details.


Next Club meeting




Congratulations to Bruce Grover who was the lucky winner of our March 3rd Basket of Cheer raffle.          



Police Recover Sleds


In February, several of our members in the Ludlow area had snowmobiles stolen from their garages.  Fortunately all the sleds have been recovered and the thiefís arrested.  A big  thanks to the  Ludlow Police Department for their hard work and effort.  The sled owners and the club members are very grateful for the quick recovery. 



Sheriffs Department patrolling the trails


Itís good to see the sheriffs department out patrolling the trails.  Weíve run into them a couple of times checking registrations and doing safety inspections.  They do a great job looking out for our safety.


Trails and Maintenance


Itís been wonderful to finally get some good snow cover and see all the sleds out on the trails.  Our crews have done a great job maintaining and grooming the trails and itís good to see so many people out enjoying the good weather.

The groomer has been getting a work out lately and has logged a lot of miles in the past month.    A huge thanks to all of you folks that donate your time and energy to keep these trails maintained.   Your efforts are obviously enjoyed and greatly appreciated by the many snowmobilers that use them. 

Thanks also to Brett Sanderson for the use of his garage and equipment.  Brett stores the groomer for us year round and graciously allows us to use his garage and tools when we need to do maintenance.  We also use his garage space for occasional meetings and special gatherings.  Itís wonderful to have club members like Brett to help us out so next time you see him please take a moment to say thanks.


 Club Meetings and Events


Iíve been reading through some of the club history and itís interesting to note that back in 1971 as many as fifty or more people attended the club meetings.  Iím sad to report, that our current club meetings are attend by the same fifteen or twenty people every month. It would be great to see a better turn out at these meetings and get some fresh ideas and input.   It would also be nice to see a few new faces helping out on our fund raising events.   Donít be shy, we really are a fun loving bunch and would love to have better attendance.

Keeping up with the cost of the groomer and trail maintenance can be costly to any club, so fundraising events are an important part of our activities.  If you would like to get involved please let us know.


Discussions are underway for upcoming events.  Weíll keep you posted via email when we have more details worked out.