Side Hill Croncher Newsletter

MaRCH 14, 2009


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The “Warming Hut” is open for all to use.  Please feel free to go in and get out of the cold, throw a log on the fire.


A Special Thank-You to all of the following vendors who help promote the club, sell our TMA’s and sponsor some of our events:

Ludlow NAPA

Ludlow Insurance

Finn and Stone Insurance

Benson Chevrolet

Ludlow Country Store









“Demo Ride” Dealers:

Dan Turco and Sons “Yamaha”

Outdoors in Motion “Polaris”

Exit 9 Motor Sports “Arctic Cat”

Benny’s Sales and Service



It’s really hard to believe we are in the middle of March and our snowmobile season is winding down.  This has been one of the best and most active seasons the Club has had.  We have been very pleased with the turnouts we’ve had at our SHC events and the wonderful feedback we have gotten from everyone.  Our Guest Book has had many great comments from our visitors thanking us for the Hut, Hospitality and Hot Chocolate.   We will be posting some of those comments in future news letters. It is amazing what a little Croncher ingenuity can do.  Our thanks again to all the hard working Cronchers who have volunteered their time for each of these events.   We couldn’t do it without you.

On Sunday, March 1st, the Ludlow Volunteer Fire Department was up at the Hut doing training exercises with their Rescue Unit.  We were happy to be able to provide them a place to do this as well as extend that good old Croncher hospitality by making sure they were well fed. This rescue unit is used throughout the year for various rescue operations and it is important for the Side Hill Cronchers to support this effort.  Our Club, in conjunction with VAST, were major contributors to the acquisition of this unit in 2006.  There are pictures of this in the “Pictures” section of our website.

These volunteer firefighters are all hard working people, and when they aren’t out there fighting fires, performing rescues, or doing other fire department duties, quite a few of them are helping out our Club.  They are out there grooming our trails, doing maintenance on our groomer, teaching our children the snowmobile safety course, chopping wood, helping out at fundraisers for various organizations, and a host of other things.   Yup, we have a Fire Department that can multi-task and we are very proud of them.

Our landowners deserve a lot more than a round of applause for allowing us the use of their land.   Over the past several years there have been several reported cases of   snowmobile land abuse.  In these cases the landowner has the right to close the trail and in some cases have done so.  We all know that it is the one or two riders out of the hundreds that will cause us to lose a trail.   If you see someone abusing a privilege, let us know.  If possible, take pictures, get their sled registration number and any other information that you can.  If you let them get by with it, we will all ultimately lose.   And we lose more and more ground every year because some irresponsible rider(s) thought they were above the law.  The landowner has the final say in the matter and land use is one thing we can’t afford to lose. Simply put, If you don’t respect the landowner, you just might not have these great trails in the near future.

Our “snowmobile” law enforcement officials have a tough job.  First of all, they are there to protect you, the landowners and other snowmobilers. Just like a car, you need a license, registration, TMA, insurance, and if you were born after July 1983 a Safety Course Certification. You also have to obey all the laws including speed limits and posted areas.   They hear all kinds of excuses when it comes to reasons why they shouldn’t give you a ticket. Violations include doing 81 miles an hour in a 35 mile an hour zone, and driving off the trail or driving an unregistered or uninsured sled.  The fact of the matter is, they are doing their job enforcing the law that you just broke.  


The Side Hill Cronchers support law enforcement of snowmobile rules and regulations and a zero tolerance for those who break the rules.  If we tolerate what some would consider minor infractions of the law, they will soon become the standard for all and this is unacceptable.  These laws are there for your safety and protection.  

The club is currently looking to acquire two new box trailers.  We would like them to have rear ramps and side access doors. Minimum size 12’ and 16’. They could be new or used.  If you know of any available, please contact any of our club officers listed on our website.

Please keep checking the website calendar for all of our club activities and work schedules.

(Trails have been closed. See Web Site for more info.)