Side Hill Croncher Newsletter

July 30, 2009


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Chicken Barbecue

         October 3rd




A Special Thank-You to all of the following vendors who help promote the club, sell our TMAís and sponsor some of our events:

  Ludlow NAPA


  Ludlow Insurance


  Finn and Stone Insurance


  Benson Chevrolet


  Ludlow Country Store



The Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers conducted their 4th annual golf tournament on June 19th.  The tournament was held at the beautiful Green Mountain National Golf course in Sherburne, Vermont.   This is always a great event for the club.  Our players got to enjoy a great day of golf, a raffle with a lot of donated prizes as well as a gift bag for participating in this event.  The Staff at Green Mountain National also puts out a great meal for our players at the end of the day. They do a wonderful job helping us coordinate this event each year and we truly appreciate their efforts.  


Team Sanderson Contracting won the honors and prizes for being the first place team. Congratulations to Brett Sanderson, Carroll Sanderson, John Pickielnok and Bob Lazarri for being number one. Second place honors went to the team of Larry Dockum, Jim & Pam Cruickshank and Dan Petraska. Third place honors went to the team of Brad Southworth, Stubby Hewes, Chris Perrino and Steve Forrest, while fourth place went to the team of Ted Stryhas, Cheryl Lienhard, Sandi Kelley and Peter Girouard.


 Events such as this are made possible through the participation of volunteers, generous individuals, local area businesses and organizations in our community. Without their help we would not be able to do a lot of these events.   They support this club in various ways throughout the year and their contributions make a tremendous impact on the success of the Club.


On July 11th we held our annual chicken barbeque at the Ludlow town green.  Our crews were there early to setup tables and tents and get the chicken on the grill. It turned out to be a beautiful day for folks to come out and join us. Of course, our guys know how to barbeque the best chicken.  Made with that special Murphy sauce itís hard to resist and of course we sold out.  Our thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help. Our next barbeque will be October 3rd.


VAST has approved our grant request so we will be purchasing a new Mogul Master Drag for our groomer. This is very exciting news.  For those who may not be familiar with groomers and wondering what this is, let me explain. A snowmobile trail groomer must do three things to effectively groom a trail. Cut the moguls (a series of bumps on a trail) Process and compact the snow.  The Mogul Master is designed with a series of angled cutting blades that allow it to remove mogulís right down to the bottom of the mogul.  The snow must then be processed by the groomer to ensure a smooth flat trail. To complete this, the snow that the groomer is working must first thoroughly be mixed or blended, breaking down the sharp edges of the individual snow flakes. It is then de-aerated to have its temperature raised ever so slightly due to friction created by the groomer.   Once the moguls have been eliminated and the snow processed, the groomer must compact the snow to a hard quick setting finish.  And, presto, you have a perfectly groomed trail.  Letís hope mother nature blesses us with lots of snow this coming season.


Submitted by

Cindy Yuris

Public Information Officer