Ludlow Side Hill Croncher Newsletter

February 26, 2009


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Donations of wood for the warming hut would be greatly appreciated.  If you have any extra you would like to donate please let us know.


The “Warming Hut” is open for all to use.  Please feel free to go in and get out of the cold, throw a log on the fire.


A Special Thank-You to all of the following vendors who help promote the club, sell our TMA’s and sponsor some of our events:

Ludlow NAPA

Ludlow Insurance

Finn and Stone Insurance

Benson Chevrolet

Ludlow Country Store




What a great season we are having so far.  There has been plenty of snow this year and plenty of activities to go with it.   The demo rides from each of our selected dealers has been a huge success.  For anyone thinking of buying a new sled this has been a great opportunity to test drive them all before making a decision.  Our dealers have all been enthusiastic and a lot of fun to work with.  A huge thanks to Rick Yuris for all his efforts coordinating these events with each of the dealers and setting up the schedules.

We had Dan Turco and Sons up at the Hut on January 31st doing demo rides on Yamaha. They brought plenty of coffee, hot chocolate, and they cooked plenty of hotdogs on the grill. We estimate close to 300 people showed up during the course of the day (and what a beautiful day it was.)  We had fresh snow cover so the trails were in great condition.  It was great to see such a good turnout.  Check out the picture section on the website.  

If you find your picture on the website from any of our events, you should be able to download them directly from Picasa.  If you have a problem with it and can’t get the picture, just send me an email at and let me know which picture(s) you want (Please note the photo number in the slideshow) I will be happy to send them to you

Hats off to our Groomer Operators and trail Maintenance Crews.  These volunteers give up a lot of their time to maintain and groom these trails so you can have the best possible riding conditions.  In addition to grooming, the groomer operators spend at least one night a week at Brett Sanderson’s garage working on the groomer and making sure it is kept in good condition. They could always use and extra hand so if you’re interested in helping out check the schedule. You would not have a trail system without them.  Huge thanks to Brett Sanderson for the continued use of his garage and tools.

Our Trail maintenance volunteers are always out there checking the trails for blow downs and obstacles that could be a hazard to anyone.  They work all year long on these trails, creating new ones, re-routing old trails and repairing bridges or just keeping them clear of debris.  Again, they could always use an extra hand and new volunteers would be greatly appreciated. 

We are very happy to report that our membership for this year has surpassed last year. We owe big thanks to all the vendors in town that sell the TMA’s.  It’s a lot of paper work to deal with and we really appreciate the time and effort that they put in to sell these for the club.    We also need to recognize the people that really put in a huge amount of time each year coordinating the TMA’s, getting them to the vendors, getting them back from the vendor, and seeing they get submitted to VAST, taking care of the money, the paperwork, and all the headaches that go along with it.  So a very sincere thanks to Missy Waysville and her committee for a doing such a great job each year in getting this done.  Without these volunteers working behind the scenes, we would not have the club, or membership that we have today.

We are thrilled to see the Warming Hut being used. More and more people are becoming

“Demo Ride” Dealers:

Dan Turco and Sons “Yamaha”

Outdoors in Motion “Polaris”

Exit 9 Motor Sports “Arctic Cat”

Benny’s Sales and Service


aware of it and have started to actually make use of it at various hours of the day and night.   It has been a wonderful addition to our club and has given us, as well as our local area snowmobile dealers, a chance to work together for the benefit of the sport.   It has also given us a great opportunity to work with the Sheriff’s department to promote safety.   This year the club has taken a giant step forward in an effort to promote the sport of snowmobiling by working with local area businesses, the Sheriff’s department and snowmobile dealers in the surrounding area.  It has been a huge success so far and the season isn’t over yet.  Where else can you go and actually test drive every model of snowmobile before you buy one.  This is a “really huge” step forward not only for the club but for the industry.  All of our dealers have been very excited about the chance to do this and very grateful for the opportunity.   We have had tremendous positive feedback from everyone.  We welcome any feedback from our club members.  Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or criticisms that you might have.  This feedback is very important so new ideas are always welcome.  

Our new website is also a great opportunity for you to keep up with the current events, trail conditions and weather.  You are only a click away from knowing what is happening or what you may be missing if you are not here.  It is kept up to date by our Webmaster “The Iceman” with the latest news, pictures and events of club happenings.  Our club store is still a work in progress, but the rest of the website is fully functioning.   Thanks again to Rick Yuris for getting this up and running and to everyone else for their input and suggestions. 



To all the LUDLOW SIDE HILL CRONCHER VOLUNTEERS:  Thanks for all your time and effort.  You are simply “THE BEST