Side Hill Croncher Newsletter


August 2007


John Murphy, Jr.








Trail Work:

If you would like to help with some of the trail work, please contact our Trail Master Randy Ellison 802-228-7266



TMA information avialable on our Website.


VAST = Vermont Association of Snow Travelers




Upcoming Events:



Chicken Barbecue

( Postponed )



VAST annual meeting September 29th












Golf Tournament  


On June 15th the Cronchers held their second Shotgun Golf Tournament at the beautiful Green Mountain National Golf Course in Sherburne Vermont.  We had a total of 31 teams and 123 players.   It was a picture perfect day for the players and another successful event for the club.   Tees were sponsored by many local businesses or individuals and prizes were also donated and raffled off to players.


Congratulations to Peter Modisette our only hole in one winner for the day. Peter won the golf club bag donated by Larry Kelly.


Congratulations to the winning team of High Tech Plumbing and Heating and to all the raffle prize winners.


Our many thanks to the Individuals and businesses that supported us in this effort by sponsoring a hole, donating money or items for the raffle.

A special thanks to Donald Dill for coming out to photograph the event.  Pictures will be available on our Website soon.


A big thanks to all the croncher volunteers who put in a lot of time and energy into making this event a success.


July Chicken Barbecue


Our annual chicken barbecue was held on July 8th on the Ludlow town green. Unfortunately for us, the town decided to pave the road in front of the green that day to make up for rain earlier in the week.  This put a serious stop to the usual amount of traffic passing thorough and after waiting a lengthy time in line, most motorists weren’t really in the mood to stop even for the best barbecue chicken with the special Murphy sauce.   We still sold a lot of chicken and had a good time in spite of this little set back.     Thanks for all those who came out to help in this endeavor.  We couldn’t have done it without you.


Historic / Ancient Roads


For those of you who are not aware, Title Insurers, Bankers and the Real Estate Industry in Vermont are currently pushing  to abandon all roads, trails, and other public rights-of-way that are not mapped and that have not been surveyed.  It is their position that these unmapped, unsurveyed roads cloud the title on real estate in Vermont, and pose a threat to the viability of real estate in Vermont.   If this action is successful, it could seriously affect the snowmobile trails we currently use today.   The Cronchers have put together a team to work with the town and VAST on discovering and mapping these trails in the Ludlow area.  This is a big undertaking and will require a considerable amount of time and energy from our volunteers.  They had their kick off meeting on August 8th. Our club members are aware of the impact this could have on our trails and greatly appreciate the efforts of our volunteers in this endeavor.

You can obtain more information about this on the VAST website (



Snowmobile Facts


Snowmobiling contributes an estimated $555 million dollars a year to the economy of the state of Vermont.


The sale of snowmobiles & accessories in Vermont exceeds $101 million annually.


Lodging, meals, gas, snacks, beverages & real estate generate $109 million.