MEETING MINUTES




The 9/19/09 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy at 6:51 PM with 24 members present. The meeting was held at Sam’s Steakhouse in Ludlow.


The 8/8/09 minutes, upon a motion by Randy Ellison, seconded by Bernie Ellison, were accepted as presented.


The Treasurer’s report, upon a motion by Brett Sanderson and seconded by Bernie Ellison, was accepted as presented.


All correspondence was read and discussed.




President Murphy reported on the progress of getting the trails ready for the upcoming season. Brush Hogging is underway, the culvert has been delivered to the North Hill location and Bruce Ingerson has partially filled and graded over it, work began on the South Hill Trail today with 43 people showing up to help, the logging portion of the Glebe Road project is completed and will be graded by the excavator soon, and the trail at the campground is complete.


Trail Master Bruce Ingerson has sent word that the Roncari trail will not be available this year.


The completion of the Brussel property trail from last year will be incorporated into the new project on the same property.



Groomer Master Brett Sanderson has sent the groomer to Cooks Equipment in Newport VT for a complete check over and servicing. Cooks is scheduled to return the unit in the fall. President Murphy reports that he has instructed Cooks to install a hydraulic piston to the blade to allow us to tilt the blade. Groomer Master Brett Sanderson reports that caution and common sense must be used by operators when using the blade, to prevent damage.


The 50% grant for the purchase of a new Mogul Master grooming drag has been approved by VAST. President Murphy has ordered the new drag and sent the necessary paperwork to VAST for our grant.






Unfinished Business

There has been no report on the Ancient Roads from the committee members.


All mechanical repairs to the BBQ Trailer have been completed. Scott Grover reports that it has been washed, oiled and transported to Dave Berry’s to begin the inside construction.


There is still a need to perform some repairs to a trailer and four wheeler for the person that donated the snowmobiles to the club. President John stated he will coordinate this project with Trail Master Bruce and Vice President Steve.


The large BBQ sign needs to be updated to prepare for the October 3rd BBQ advertising. President John will coordinate this project.


The load of firewood donated by Pam Cruickshank has been picked up and delivered by Steve Kondracki and a bill sent to the person that purchased it. The wood delivered to Lake Pauline last year has been paid for.


President Murphy reports he will be cooking chicken for the Street Scapes BBQ fundraiser to be held on October 10th as a PR project for our club.


New Business

The Activities Committee is discussing their calendar for next year and is open to suggestions. As was done for this past year most events will be centered on the warming hut. VAST is to be the subject of a professional movie this year on snowmobiling in Vermont and will be looking for activities to film. The Activities Committee is encouraged to work with the PIO and call VAST if they have an event that would be appropriate.


We have received our new insurance policy and all groomer related items are listed as covered.


President John reported on the VAST Annual Meeting and was encouraged to solicit additional delegates from the membership for next years meeting.


Upon a motion by Willie Arnow, seconded by Missy Waysville, it was voted to sponsor a “Coats for Kids” program for the coming winter. The goal of the program is to provide slightly used coats for the deserving children in our school system as well as neighboring towns with warm coats for the winter. Coats may be dropped off at our TMA outlets.


Safety lights for snowmobiles that indicate to oncoming traffic the status of machines behind the snowmobile with the light are available to our club at a discount for bulk purchases. Upon a motion by Brett Sanderson, seconded by Michelle Doyle, it was voted to purchase 3 dozen lights for resale to members at a discounted price.






Mary Arnow will create some hats with the club name on them for the club to purchase and resell.


President Murphy reported that VAST has not fully funded our various trail projects and has cut the amount of monies put aside for next year. Also our annual dues of $10.00 is falling behind other area clubs. The Cavendish club is going to raise their dues to $15.00 and if we do the same it will help cover some of the VAST funding shortfall. Upon a motion by Brett Sanderson, seconded by Scott Grover, it was voted to raise our annual dues to $15.00 per member except for someone that may have already downloaded the form from our website and sent it in. Our website will be updated immediately by Rick Yuris.


The next meeting will be held on October 24th at Sam’s Steakhouse.


Our BBQ fundraiser will be held on October 3rd at Veterans Park and our Safety Course will be held on December 5th at the Ludlow Fire Station.


The door prize drawing was won by Mike Rewenko.


Upon a motion by Bernie Ellison, seconded by Willie Arnow the meeting was adjourned at 8:14 PM.