The 8/8/09 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy at 6:45 PM with 11 members present. The meeting was held at Sam’s Steakhouse in Ludlow.


The 5/27/09 minutes, upon a motion by Scott Grover, seconded by Ron Bixby, were accepted as presented.


The Treasurer’s report, upon a motion by Ron Bixby and seconded by Scott Grover, was accepted as presented.


All correspondence was read and discussed. Upon a motion by Ron Bixby, seconded by Willy Arnow, the package from VAST reference a Ski Doo promotional program was tabled.



There was an extensive discussion, led by Trail Master Bruce, on all of the planned trail projects. VAST has sent their decisions on proposed projects for the year.


The proposal for the new South Hill Trail was reduced from the requested $40,000.00 to $25,000.00. President Murphy explained that VAST does not have enough money to fund the total project so in addition to doing the project management, wood chipping, seeding, hay spraying, gate installations, barrier installations and signing we will also have to do the cutting of the trees. Also a proposed double culvert installation similar to the one on Nelson Road was removed from the project and a forty foot bridge will have to be installed instead. VAST will provide the steel for the bridge however we will have to build it. In addition the proposed project for a new trail on the North Hill Greenberg property was sacrificed to help fund this project. President Murphy is confident that he can get the help to do the project and stay within the restricted budget to finish the job.


The proposed Glebe Rd. trail was approved by VAST however VAST determined that the estimates for the work were too high and reduced the request from $4,452.00 to $3,250.00. The specific area of reduction was not noted.


The North Hill culvert project required by the Town of Ludlow was determined not to be a priority project by VAST and not funded. As Willy Arnow has donated a culvert Trail Master Bruce Ingerson will be contacting the Town and asking them to fill in the area and he will install the culvert.


The funding for the Brush Cutting and Brush Hogging project for the trails was approved but reduced from a requested $1,520.00 to $850.00 by VAST.


The proposed project for the re-decking of the Preedom Road bridge was approved with the amount being reduced from a requested $950.00 to $855.00 by VAST.


The request for a proposed new trail to circumvent the Greenberg property on North Hill was sacrificed by President Murphy to help fund the South Hill Trail. This project will be rescheduled for next year.


The Hideaway Campground trail improvement project was funded by VAST out of last years budget and has been completed and paid for.


Trail Master Bruce is awaiting a response from the landowner on alternatives to the Roncari trail. If permission is given we will be able to circumvent riding on Preedom Road.


A lengthy discussion was held on the possibility of an access trail to Route 103. Part of the permission Trail Master Bruce is seeking may provide a route to accomplish this.



Groomer Master Brett Sanderson has sent the groomer to Cooks Equipment in Newport VT for a complete check over and servicing. Cooks is scheduled to return the unit in the fall.


The 50% grant for the purchase of a new Mogul Master grooming drag has been approved by VAST. President Murphy will handle the purchase and delivery of the new drag and obtain the necessary paperwork to send to VAST for reimbursement.


Unfinished Business

There has been no report or progress on the Ancient Roads Committee. President Murphy was asked if we were any danger of loosing any trails or possible future trails because of the Town not pursuing this issue in a timely manor. President Murphy will check with committee members to follow up on this issue.


Rick Yuris continues to keep the Web Site updated for our club.


All mechanical repairs to the BBQ Trailer have been completed. We have some high school students that will paint the trailer where needed as soon as it is washed and cleaned. President Murphy will head up a crew on Monday evening to do the necessary washing and cleaning and prepare the trailer for painting. Doug will notify Brett Sanderson of the time and date.


There is still a need to perform some repairs to a trailer and four wheeler for the person that donated the snowmobiles to the club. President John stated he will coordinate this project with Trail Master Bruce and Vice President Steve.


The large BBQ sign needs to be updated to prepare for the October 3rd BBQ advertising. President John will coordinate with James Ellis on this project. Doug will dismantle the steel street signs we use for the BBQ and get them to PIO Cindy who has volunteered to repaint them.


President John has exhausted all efforts to get the repairs done at the Gazebo. Even though the Town has money for the materials the organizations responsible will not initiate the project. This will be removed from our agenda.




We have not collected the money owed for a load of wood from a resident near Lake Pauline. Trail Master Bruce knows the individual and will collect the money.


We have had a load of wood donated to the club by one of the members. President John appointed Vice President Kondracki to sell and deliver that donated load of wood.



New Business

The Activities Committee is discussing their calendar for next year and is open to suggestions. As was done for this past year most events will be centered on the warming hut.


The report for the 4th annual golf tournament fundraiser was presented and accepted. Suggestions for price increases for the next year were given and will be passed on to the fundraising committee.


The report for the July 11th Chicken BBQ fundraiser was given. A higher than normal profit was noted as the owner of Sam’s Steak House donated the chicken for the event.


The audit report for the 2008/09 fiscal year was presented by the Audit Committee noting that no discrepancies were found.


A motion to donate $50.00 each to the Tyson Church and Tyson Church Auxiliary in the name of Patricia Ellison, a founding member of our club who recently passed away, was made by Ron Bixby, seconded by Bruce Ingerson and passed.


The Ludlow Street Scapes organization has reported to President John that the newspaper article indicating that they had changed their mind and did not need our club to assist them with their annual fundraiser was in error. President John will be cooking Chicken for that organization, at no expense to our club, and is asking for assistance from willing members.


A lengthy discussion was held on the need for the club to have its own chairs for use at fundraising events.


Upon a motion by Scott Grover, seconded by Ron Bixby, it was voted to purchase 40 new metal chairs for the club.


Safety Officer Ron Bixby reported that with concurrence from the membership a Snowmobile Safety Course will be held on Saturday December 5th at the Ludlow Fire Station. Ron reported that we already had two students signed up. Ron will make a flyer for emailing to our membership and posting on our web site.


Upon a motion by Willy Arnow, seconded by Doug Peabody, it was voted that the club go forward with Safety Officer Ron Bixby’s plan and that the club provide lunch to the students.





A presentation of the verbal report of the nominating committee previously discussed was given.


Upon a motion by Bruce Ingerson, seconded by Tuula Ingerson, it was voted to place the names indicated in nomination for the positions indicated, and to elect them for the appropriate terms.


There were no other nominations from the floor and the following people were elected;


            President                                 John Murphy Jr.                     2 year term

            Assistant Vice President          Scott Grover                            2 year term

            Secretary                                 Douglas Peabody                    1 year term

            Assistant Secretary                  Jean Grover                            1 year term

            Treasurer                                Ron Bixby                               1 year term


President Murphy noted that Vice President Steve Kondracki and Trail Master Bruce Ingerson were presently serving in the second year of a two year term.


President Murphy made the following appointments for one year terms;


            Assistant Trail Masters                         James Ellis

                                                                        Randy Ellison

                                                                        Brian Ellison


            Groomer Master                                   Brett Sanderson


            Fund Raising Committee                      Missy Waysville – Chairperson

                                                                        Rick Yuris

                                                                        Jack Koponen


            Membership Chairperson                     Missy Waysville


            Activities Committee                           Rick Yuris

                                                                        Scott Grover


            Safety Officer                                      Ron Bixby


            Public Information Officer                  Cindy Yuris


            Audit Committee                                 Doug Peabody

                                                                        Steve Kondracki









Meetings & Dates to Remember

The date for our next meeting will be Saturday, September 19th and will be held at Sam’s Steak House at 6:30PM. 


The Annual VAST Meeting will be held on September 12th in Barre Vermont.


Side Hill Cronchers Chicken BBQ Fundraiser – October 3rd


Door Prize

The drawing for the door prize was won by Rick Wood.


Upon a motion by Doug Peabody, seconded by Willy Arnow the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.