MEETING MINUTES



The 8/6/08 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy at 6:30 PM with 15 members present. The meeting was held at Sam’s Restaurant in Ludlow.

President Murphy introduced four guests from the Rod and Gun Club that were at the meeting to discuss any possibilities of our club utilizing their facilities. President Murphy explained the circumstances leading to the attendance of these officials and outlined some possibilities of our organizations working together to the benefit of both. A question and answer period followed after which the Rod and Gun Club officials left. The members held extensive discussions on the feasibility of joining forces with the Rod and Gun Club and the difficulties of gaining snowmobile access to the facility. Upon a motion by Assistant Vice President Scott Grover, seconded by Danny Stowell, it was voted to advise the Rod and Gun Club officials that we are not in a position to pursue any arrangements of joint venture at this time. President Murphy will advise the Rod and Gun Club officials of our decision.

The 7/16/08 minutes, upon a motion by Terry Ellison, seconded by Billy Davis, were accepted as presented.

The Treasurer’s report, upon a motion by Billy Davis seconded by Jack Koponen, was accepted as presented.

Correspondence for the month was presented to the membership by Secretary Douglas Peabody.

Under Trails the following was reported:

2008 Projects

1) Bridge re-decking on Okemo trail- Work will begin in two weeks. All willing workers are to meet on Saturday, August 16th at the Dam site on Trail 127 at 8:00 AM to work on the bridges. On Friday, August 29th Trail Master Trail Master Bruce Ingerson will begin work on the trails with his tractor; anyone that can help is to contact Trail Master Bruce Ingerson.

2) Bridge Installation behind Sewer Plant has been researched by President Murphy. The state official that President Murphy met with suggested that we install a box culvert and fill in on each side of it. President Murphy will investigate the cost and method of access to the site.

3) By-Pass Trail on 127 behind the campground, Assistant Trail Master James Ellis, Assistant Vice President Scott Grover and President Murphy will walk this area when it dries out and determine where a by-pass trail can be located.

4) Mail Boxes for Cobblestone Road – President Murphy has the OK from the mail delivery person. Vice President Kondracki has contacted Zack Blanchard who is willing to do the work. President Murphy and Vice President Kondracki will schedule a date to complete the project.

5) Possible trail from Pinnacle area to Willy Dunn’s at the Golf Course – President Murphy is still awaiting word from Okemo’s management on their desire to have the trail put in.

6) Trail Side Brush Cutting – all trails need attention for next year. A lot of handwork is required. Trail Master Bruce Ingerson will begin brush hogging as soon as the trails are dry enough.

7) An e-mail has been sent to the property owners on Ives Road reference an access trail. No reply received as of yet.

8) Jeff Predom reports that bridge poles are available in Bennington, President Murphy and Vice President Kondracki will go to Bennington and inspect them.

9) President Murphy and Vice President Kondracki have determined where a trail re-route for South Hill area will go. Ted Stryhas is contacting the homeowners to get permission for the re-route.

10) South Hill drainage project has been worked on by the Town and Brett Sanderson. President Murphy has received calls from the landowner who wants additional work done. President Murphy will talk to the Town to determine the best course of action.

11) Vice President Kondracki reports that he received a report that four wheelers are using the mountain trail which the landowner is against. We have taken all the precautions that we could to prevent unauthorized use of the trail. Vice President Kondracki and Trail Master Bruce Ingerson will speak to those using the trail and explain that the landowner will close it to all uses if the four wheelers continue using it.


Under Groomer the following was reported:

Satellite Phone - President Murphy reports that testing a new phone will begin next week in conjunction with the beginning of trail work.

Cover for Groomer – Trail Master Bruce Ingerson reports that he has secured the cover on the groomer and it is holding.


Under Unfinished Business the following was reported:

Ancient Roads Committee – President Murphy noted that the committee did not have anything to report at this meeting.

Shelter Committee – Assistant Vice President Scott Grover reports that this project is 95% complete and that a group of willing workers made the project a productive experience.

VAST Birthday –President Murphy reports we participated in the event which was not well attended. Our portion, a chicken BBQ, went well and President Murphy will be contacting VAST to determine if paperwork is required for us to get paid.

Securing Rights of Ways - President Murphy reports he has had further discussions with a local attorney on this issue and asked that our draft of a document be e-mailed to the attorney for him to do a final edit.

Web Site – Rick Yuris has met with a local person who can perform the services we are looking for. A proposal is being prepared for Rick’s consideration.


Under New Business the following was reported:

08-09 Officers – President Murphy noted the following:

2007 - President was elected for a 2 year term - John Murphy

Assistant Vice President was elected for a 2 year term - Scott Grover

2008 - Vice President elected for a 2 year term - Steve Kondracki

Trail Master elected for a 2 year term - Bruce Ingerson

Treasurer elected for a 1 year term - Ted Stryhas

Secretary elected for a 1 year term - Doug Peabody

Assistant Secretary elected for a 1 year term - Jean Grover

President Murphy made the following appointments for 2008;

Assistant Trail Masters- James Ellis

                                     Randy Ellison

                                     Brian Ellison

Groomer Master- Brett Sanderson

Membership Chairperson- Missy Waysville

Public Information Officer- Angie Benson

Safety Officer- Ron Bixby

Activities Committee- Scott Grover

                                  Rick Yuris

Fund Raising Committee- Missy Waysville

                                       Jack Koponen

                                       Rick Yuris

Audit Committee- Steve Kondracki

                            Doug Peabody





Meetings – President Murphy reviewed the upcoming VAST Annual Meeting, September 20th at Burke Mountain, and directed that anyone planning to attend must submit their name to Doug prior to August 30th so the count for the Banquet can be forwarded to VAST. Also there will be a Cronchers BBQ October 4th in Ludlow. The next meeting of the club will be Wednesday, September 10th at Sam’s restaurant.

There being no further business to conduct, upon a motion by Bill Davis, Seconded by Danny Stowell the meeting was adjourned at 8:33 PM.