The Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers

Meeting Minutes

Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers

The 8-2-06 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy at 6:45 PM. The meeting was held at Brett Sanderson’s with 10 members present.

The July 22, 2006 minutes, upon a motion by Bruce Ingerson, seconded by Bill Davis, were accepted as presented.

Correspondence was read into the record by Doug Peabody.

Under trails the following was reported:

a) South Hill Trail – John Murphy and Steve Kondracki reported that the trail has been marked, the landowners have given permission and cutting could be done at any time

b) Okemo Trail – Brett Sanderson reported that he will begin work on this trail the first part of next week.

c) Preedom Road Trail – Bill Davis and Doug Peabody report that they have contacted the Town Highway Forman and he is working on some of the details of our working on a Class 4 road.

d) Schmidt Property Trail – Bruce Ingerson and Doug Peabody report they hope to complete this project prior to next meeting.

e) North Hill Trail Relocation – Scott Grover reports meeting with some more landowners, this is a work in progress with no expectations for this year.

f) Mount Holly Trail – Along with the Okemo Trail this trail is a carry over from last year and the funds must be expended and paper work turned over to VAST prior to September 1st. John Murphy will contact the Mount Holly club and explain the urgency.

g) Brush Hogging – Bruce Ingerson will do the entire trail system this year, James Ellis and Doug Peabody will provide support.

h) Rescue Sled Grant – Ron Bixby has requested the insurance certificates from the town for the unit which is required for the grant.

Under New Business the first item was election of officers. Doug Peabody presented the nominating committee report and made the following nominations:
Vice President 2 yr term Steve Kondracki
Trail Master 2 yr term Randy Ellison
Treasurer 1 yr term Ted Stryhas
Secretary 1 yr term Doug Peabody
Assistant Secretary 1 yr term Jean Grover

President Murphy called for additional nominations from the floor and hearing none instructed the Secretary to cast one ballot for the nominated individuals.

A motion by Bill Davis, seconded by James Ellis to have the club pay for banquet tickets for those members attending the annual meeting passed. We have been allotted 17 representatives to the annual meeting; anyone wishing to attend should contact President Murphy.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM. Next meeting is Saturday, August 26, 2006 at Rick and Cindy Yuris’.

Respectfully Submitted;
Doug Peabody