The Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers

The 8-18-07 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy 6:45 PM. The meeting was held at Rick and Cindy Yuris' with 9 members present.

The May 12, 2007 minutes, upon a motion by Jack Koponen, seconded by Rick Yuris were accepted as presented.

The Treasurers Report, upon a motion by Rick Yuris, seconded by Jack Koponen was accepted as presented.

Correspondence was read into the record by Doug Peabody.

Under trails the following was reported:

a) Bridge Decking Okemo Trail - Doug Peabody reported that all of the paperwork has been completed, submitted and approved for this project. All that is needed now is for the Trail Master to find someone to manage the project.

b) Culvert Installation Soapstone Rd. - This project has also been approved, Doug Peabody and Steve Kondracki will see it thru.

c) Sewer Plant Bridge project - John Murphy is in the process of contacting the appropriate official to discuss this project. No funding has been requested from VAST.

d) Brian Glenn trail re-route - Steve Kondracki and John Murphy have marked this new trail to the satisfaction of the landowner. Funding has been requested however no response from VAST has been received. As this is a must do project work will begin shortly, funding or no funding.

e) North Hill Trail re-route - Scott Grover is still seeking landowner permission for this project. No funding has been requested as only brush hogging is needed.

f) John Murphy reported that he has been in contact with VAST Officials about obtaining additional grooming mileage on Corridor 7 in Mount Holly. To date he has not had a response.

g) John Murphy reported that our club has had its grooming contract adjusted by VAST to reflect our actual grooming mileage which is 32 one way miles.

h) Doug Peabody reported that Bruce Ingerson will soon begin Brush Hogging our trails. VAST has approved our funding request for this project.

Under groomer it was reported:

a) President Murphy reports that there has not been any progress in getting our two way radio to be effective in all areas.

b) There was no report from James Ellis on the safety equipment.

After much discussion relative to the damage to the groomer plow frame last year from two groomer accidents and upon a motion by Cindy Yuris, seconded by Doug Peabody it was voted to respectfully request Trail Master Randy Ellison, Assistant Trail Masters' James Ellis and Bruce Ingerson and Groomer Master Brett Sanderson to have a mandatory training program for groomer operators created and conducted prior to the upcoming grooming season. Jack Koponen abstained.

President Murphy appointed a committee consisting of Scott Grover, Steve Kondracki, Jack Koponen and Doug Peabody to meet with Brett Sanderson and possibly Bob Pawlowski and determine what our needs are relative to the groomer plow frame. Upon a motion by John Murphy, seconded by Cindy Yuris it was voted to authorize the committee to purchase a new frame if necessary. Jack Koponen abstained.

Under unfinished business:

a) VAST has authorized our club 21 delegates at the annual meeting based on a membership of 632.

b) The golf tournament has some loose ends to tie up which John Murphy reports he will address. The final report will be given upon completion of the project.

c) President Murphy reported that there is a conflict with the VAST Annual Meeting and our Chicken BBQ. It was the consensus to cancel the BBQ. John Murphy will notify the town that we will not be using the town green.

d) President Murphy reported that the fund raising committee has not begun the annual raffle. Because of the lateness it was decided to cancel the raffle again this year.

e) Scott Grover reported that the Black River Rod and Gun Club committee has not been able to find an acceptable trail route to the club. It was the consensus to drop the project of pursuing this facility as a club house at this point.

f) Rick Yuris reported that the committee assigned to determine if we should be investing some of our funds recommended that we have sufficient funds to invest a portion at this time. Upon a motion by Rick Yuris, seconded by Jack Koponen it was voted to invest in a local financial institution and re-evaluate our position when the investments mature.

g) Rick Yuris reported that the Ancient Roads Committee appointed by the Town Manager, had their organizational meeting and all three of our representatives were present.

h) Doug Peabody gave a report on the mandatory 2007 VAST Construction Seminar.

Under new business:

a) The nominating committee, consisting of Steve Kondracki, James Ellis and Bill Davis, presented their report for nominees for this years election as follows:

President 2 yr term
John Murphy Jr.

Asst. Vice President 2 yr term
Scott Grover

Treasurer 1 yr term
Ted Stryhas

Secretary 1 yr term
Doug Peabody

Asst. Secretary 1 yr term
Jean Grover

Upon a motion by Jack Koponen, seconded by Cindy Yuris it was voted to have the Secretary cast one ballot for the recommended slate of officers for the next year.

b) President Murphy made the following appointments for the next year:

Assistant Trail Masters 1 yr term
Bruce Ingerson
James Ellis

Groomer Master 1 yr term
Brett Sanderson

Membership Chair 1 yr term
Missy Waysville

Information Minister 1 yr term
Cindy Yuris

Safety Ed. Officer 1 yr term
Ron Bixby

Activity Committee 1 yr term
Scott Grover
Doug Peabody

Fundraising Committee 1 yr term
Missy Waysville
Rick Yuris
Jack Koponen

Audit Committee
Steve Kondracki
Doug Peabody

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 5th, 2007, 6:30 PM at Rick and Cindy Yuris' on North Hill Cross Rd.

With no further business to come before the group and upon a motion by Doug Peabody, seconded by Rick Yuris it was voted to adjourn the meeting at 8:45PM

Dates to Remember - Sept 29, 2007 - Annual VAST Meeting

Respectfully submitted;

Doug Peabody, Secretary