The 5/27/09 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy at 6:45 PM. The meeting was held at Samsí Steakhouse in Ludlow.


The 4/25/09 minutes, upon a motion by Rick Yuris, seconded by Jack Koponen, were accepted as presented.


The Treasurerís report, upon a motion by Jack Koponen and seconded by Scott Grover, was accepted as presented.


All correspondence was read and discussed.




There was an extensive discussion on all of the planned trail projects with some consideration of postponing some of the work. The Glebe Road trail is in a holding pattern as the team leader is unable to do the background work and obtain the estimates. Scott Grover reviewed the difficulties of doing this trail and he and President John volunteered to follow through.


The South Hill Trail work done last year needs some follow up. James Ellis will have a gate installed at the opening from Town Farm Road and make arrangements for a chipper to clean up the brush along the trail.


Trail Master Bruce was not available to give an update on the Roncari trail.


A report was given on the recent VAST Construction Seminar with emphasis on the rule that if a club does not send representation they will not be eligible for a VAST Construction Grant. Also VAST is eliminating several signs from their list of approved signs as they are redundant and other signs serve the purpose. VAST will no longer fund AFMI drags due to construction defects and problems getting the manufacturer to back up their work. A representative from VELCO spoke on the advantages for both their company and local clubs in having trails in the utility right of ways. A new access road from Ludlow to Brattleboro should be able to be used as a snowmobile trail.




Groomer Master Brett Sanderson has sent the groomer to Cooks Equipment in Newport VT for a complete check over and servicing.


The grant for the purchase of a new Mogul Master grooming drag is pending at VAST.




Unfinished Business

There has been no report on the Ancient Roads Committee other than more meetings are scheduled now that winter is over.


Rick Yuris continues to keep the Web Site updated for our club preventing us from having to hire the design firm to do that work.


All of the equipment needed for mechanical repairs to the BBQ Trailer have been purchased and a work date will be established in the near future.


There is a need to perform some repairs to a trailer and four wheeler for the person that donated the snowmobiles to the club. President John stated he will coordinate this project.


New Business

The Activities Committee is discussing their calendar for next year and is open to suggestions. As was done for this past year most events will be centered on the warming hut.


President Murphy has determined that we will not conduct any additional BBQís this year other then the two already planned as we have to many obligations.


The Ludlow Street Scapes organization has changed their mind and does not need our club to assist them with their annual fundraiser.


President John reported for the Fund Raising Committee on the Golf Tournament and the status of players and sponsors.


A Nominating Committee is needed to survey the membership for interest in running for vacant offices and appointed positions. The nominations need to be made at the June meeting with elections held at the July meeting. President Murphy appointed Rick Yuris, Jack Koponen and James Ellis to the nominating committee.


A discussion was held on the condition of the Gazebo where we hold our fund raising BBQ. Repairs are needed especially to the stairs which are loose and require railings. President Murphy reported that the Town of Ludlow has funding set aside for the work and that he will be contacting a contractor to do an evaluation and present it to Town officials.


Our Chicken BBQ fundraisers will be held on July 11th and October 3rd. James Ellis and President Murphy will update our advertising sign and place it at the Town Green.



The recent activities of the Windsor County Snowmobile club meetings were reviewed.


The date for our next meeting will be Saturday, June 27th and will be held at Scott and Jean Groverís at 6:30PM.


The Annual VAST Meeting will be held on September 12th in Berry Vermont.


Upon a motion by Doug Peabody, seconded by Rick Yuris the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.