MEETING MINUTES



The 5/21/08 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy at 6:45 PM with 11 members present. The meeting was held at Sam’s Restaurant on Route 103 in Ludlow.

The 4/30/08 minutes, upon a motion by Jack Koponen, seconded by Missy Waysville, were accepted as presented.

The Treasurer’s report, upon a motion by Jack Koponen, seconded by Dave Berry, was accepted as presented.

Correspondence for the month was presented to the membership by Secretary Douglas Peabody.

Under Trails the following was reported:

2008 Projects

1) Bridge re-decking on Okemo trail- Scott Grover has started this project and reports that he will schedule the actual work to be done as soon as the area dries out.

2) Bridge Installation behind Sewer Plant is being researched by John Murphy who reports that he will contact the State Water Resources person to review the project.

3) By-Pass Trail on 127 behind the campground, Scott Grover and John Murphy will walk this area when it dries out and determine where a by-pass trail can be located.

4) Mail Boxes for Cobblestone Road – John will speak to the mail delivery person to determine what our options are in relocating the mailboxes away from the trial.

5) Possible trail from Pinnacle area to Willy Dunn’s at the Golf Course – Doug has identified the landowners that would be involved and John is still awaiting word from Okemo’s management on their desire to have the trail put in.

6) Trail Side Brush Cutting – all trails need attention for next year. A lot of handwork is required.

7) Doug Peabody has researched the property lines leading to the trail from Ives Road as requested and determined that we can open the old logging road from 127 to Ives Road for the convenience of the members on Ives Road as it is on land we already have permission to go on. John Murphy and Scott Grover will be walking this logging road in the near future to determine the work needed.

8) Jeff Preedom reports that he is still looking for some appropriate poles for the bridge behind the sewer plant.

9) John and Steve have determined where a trail re-route for South Hill area will go, Ted Stryhas is contacting the homeowners to get permission for the reroute.


Under Groomer the following was reported:

Satellite Phone - John Murphy reports that he has researched the costs and programs for us to have our own satellite phone. He estimates that the cost will be around $1400.00 for the purchase of a new phone and the monthly charge around $30.00. Use will run around $1.20 a minute. Upon a motion by Doug Peabody, seconded by Missy Waysville a motion was passed authorizing John to purchase the new phone and get it in service ASAP.

Brush Bar – Jack Koponen reports that the brush bar from the groomer is in his garage and he and Bruce Ingerson will be repairing it soon.

Groomer Storage – Danny Stohl headed up a group of workers that prepared the groomer for summer storage. Several mechanical issues were reported to Groomer Master Brett Sanderson and he will have them corrected.

Groomer Fuel – After discussion on the rising fuel costs and Upon a motion by Missy Waysville, seconded by Scott Grover, Groomer Master Brett Sanderson was authorized to commit to a pre-buy program on behalf of the club if he saw fit to do so.

Under Unfinished Business the following was reported:

Ancient Roads Committee – President Murphy noted that the committee did not have anything to report at this meeting.

Shelter Committee – Scott Grover reports that this project will be worked on in the late summer, early fall.

VAST Birthday – This event is now scheduled for July 26th; John reports that he has made inquiry and not yet received any of the necessary details. John will follow up with the committee to assure we are able to accomplish what they expect of us before we make a solid committment.

Securing Rights of Ways - President Murphy reports he has had preliminary discussions with a local attorney on this issue, Doug has obtained some sample documents on this issue that he will edit and provide to John.

Golf Tournament – Missy Waysville reported on the progress of the Golf Tournament Committee to date and noted that all player slots are full and we hope to complete the sponsor solicitation and raffle preparation by June 1st, thus allowing ample preparation time for the remaining items for the June 13th event.

Landowner Appreciation – A discussion was held on the various ways of showing our landowners our appreciation for their generosity in allowing us to have trails on their private land. Upon a motion by Missy Waysville, seconded by Scott Grover it was voted to provide the landowners with a letter and two free tickets for a dinner at either of this years Chicken BBQ’s and to provide them with a gift with our logo on it to show our appreciation.


Under New Business the following was reported:

Nominating Committee – President Murphy appointed volunteers Missy Waysville and Bruce Ingerson as the 2008 nominating committee with the charge to bring their recommended slate of officers to the June meeting, Elections will be held at the July meeting.

Trail Tools – It was reported that we had purchased a used brush cutter from Bruce Ingerson as authorized at the last meeting and that Bruce had donated two new chains for our pole saw.

Trailer – Doug Peabody reported that Bob Pawlowski has delivered the trailer authorized for purchase at the last meeting and Scott Grover will be evaluating the best way to install a deck on it.

President Murphy reported that the Annual BBQ fundraisers will be held on July 5th and October 4th this year. The VAST Annual Meeting is September 20th at Burke Mountain and the VAST Birthday celebration is on July 26th.

The next meeting will be held on either June 25th or June 28th. Bruce Ingerson will advise us as to what date and the location of the meeting.

There being no further business to conduct, upon a motion by Brett Sanderson, seconded by Scott Grover the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.