The 4/30/08 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy at 6:35 PM with 15 members present. The meeting was held at Sam’s Restaurant on Route 103 in Ludlow.

The 3/22/08 minutes, upon a motion by Rick Yuris, seconded by Bill Davis, were accepted as presented.

The Treasurer’s report, upon a motion by Bill Davis, seconded by Rick Yuris, was accepted as presented.

Correspondence for the month was presented to the membership by Secretary Douglas Peabody.

Under Trails the following was reported:

2008 Projects

1) Bridge re-decking on Okemo trail- John reports that Scott Grover has started this project and has the new decking material in place and ready to be installed as soon as the area dries out and weather warms up.

2) Bridge Installation behind Sewer Plant is being researched by John Murphy. Jeff Preedom is researching getting some poles for this bridge.

3) By-Pass Trail on 127 behind the campground, James Ellis will walk this area when it dries out and determine where a by-pass trail can be located.

4) Mail Boxes for Cobblestone Road – John will speak to the mail delivery person to determine what our options are in relocating the mailboxes away from the trial.

5) Possible trail from Pinnacle area to Willy Dunn’s at the Golf Course – Doug has identified the landowners that would be involved and John is awaiting word from Okemo’s management on their desire to have the trail put in.

6) Trail Side Brush Cutting – all trails need attention for next year. A lot of handwork is required.

7) Doug Peabody has visited Town Hall as requested to determine the new owner of the Van Guilder property on Route 100 S. The town officials advise they have no record of any new owner. The officials will contact us if they see a transfer of ownership.

8) Doug Peabody has researched the property lines leading to the trail from Ives Road as requested and determined that we can open the old logging road from 127 to Ives Road for the convenience of the members on Ives Road as it is on land we already have permission to go on. John Murphy and Scott Grover will be walking this logging road in the near future to determine the work needed.

9) The County Intersection signs are scheduled to be ordered on May 19th. Our club needs to make a few new sign posts to accommodate the new signs.

10) James Ellis reports that all gates have been closed and 99% of the signs picked up for this season.





Under Groomer the following was reported:

Two Way Radio – President Murphy reports that the new radio system is still being considered by Brett Sanderson. After much discussion a motion to purchase a new satellite phone for the groomer was tabled until the next meeting. John Murphy will research the best type of satellite phone system to purchase and report at the next meeting when a vote can take place.

Brush Bar – The brush bar on the groomer will be repaired by Bruce Ingerson and Jack Koponen

Groomer Storage – Danny Stohl will head up a group that will prepare the groomer for storage on Wednesday the 7th.

Under Unfinished Business the following was reported:

Ancient Roads Committee – President Murphy reported that the committee has given the Board of Selectmen a progress report and the board advised the committee to continue with the project.

Membership Committee – The general highlights of the membership for this year was given. The TMA count for the year was 838. Rick Yuris pointed out that Turco’s Yamaha in Claredon would like to sell TMA’s for us next year.

Shelter Committee – Rick Yuris reports that this will be a summer time project.

Web Site Maintenance – Rick Yuris reports that Brian Helberg will be our Web Master and be doing work on the site. Rick will continue to coordinate any issues and his committee is working on updates.

VAST Birthday – This event is now scheduled for July 26th; John reports that he has not received any of the necessary details of what our total responsibility will be.

Events – President Murphy outlined our upcoming events and encouraged all to participate.

Under New Business the following was reported:

April County Meeting – Doug Peabody reported on the various issues and activities of the county club.

Securing Right of Ways – John reported he is still doing research on this issue.

Penny Sale – As requested by the Rotary Club we did provide some prizes for their fundraising event.

Trailer – Doug Peabody reported that Bob Pawlowski has made a trailer that would be ideal for us to use on the trials with the ATV’s. Upon a motion by Dan Stohl, seconded by Bruce Ingerson it was voted to purchase the trailer from Bob Pawlowski.

Worker IncentivesUpon a motion by James Ellis, second by Bill Davis it was voted to purchase hats for the past years groomer operators and shirts for the trail workers.

Trail Work Equipment – President Murphy identified the need for some additional equipment to aid us in doing trail work. Upon a motion by Bill Davis, seconded by Rick Yuris it was voted to purchase a brush cutter from Bruce Ingerson.

Grooming Report – Angie Benson presented an elaborate report with all of the information taken from the grooming run sheets for the entire year. Upon a motion by Bill Davis, seconded by Rick Yuris it was voted to pay the groomer fuel bill for the year.

Chamber of Commerce – Rick Yuris reported that the Chamber of Commerce is looking for volunteers to help with their fundraising activities.



President Murphy reported that the Annual BBQ fundraisers will be held on July 5th and October 4th this year. The VAST Annual Meeting is September 20th at Burke Mountain and the VAST Birthday celebration is on July 26th.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 21st at Sam’s Restaurant.

There being no further business to conduct, upon a motion by Angie Benson, seconded by Bill Davis the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.