The 4/25/09 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by Secretary Peabody at 7:00 PM with 11 members present. President Murphy is not able to attend as his father is very sick and Vice President Kondracki is out of town. The meeting was held at the home of Bruce and Tuula Ingerson.


The 3/4/09 minutes, upon a motion by Jack Koponen, seconded by Ted Stryhas, were accepted as presented.


The Treasurer’s report, upon a motion by Jack Koponen and seconded by Bruce Ingerson, was accepted as presented.


All correspondence was read and discussed.



Trail Master Bruce Ingerson reported on five construction projects planned for this fall for which paper work is now being prepared.

1)      South Hill – remove trail from South Hill Road and Town Farm Road

2)      Glebe Road – remove trail from Glebe Road

3)      Pinnacle Trail – remove trail from Greenberg property

4)      North Hill Cross Road – install culvert as requested by Town

5)      Hideaway Campground – relocate trail to avoid hill and ice area

6)      Preedom Road Bridge – add 2” decking to bridge and replace railings


Trail Master Ingerson also reported that he had been dealing with a relative of the Roncari family, landowner for the property at the “white house” on Preedom Road, relative to again moving our trail into the field and off of the public road.


The request from the LVRT for funding the VAST share of the trail construction was discussed. They want us to solicit funds from our local business people for the project. As we are in the process of asking the local business’s to support our Annual Golf Tournament fund raiser is was the consensus that we not do that. Upon a motion by Bruce Ingerson, seconded by Jack Koponen, it was unanimously voted to donate $100.00 from our club to the LVRT fund raising effort.


A discussion was held on the satellite phone storage for the summer and noted that it would be fine being stored in the case at Brett’s garage. Also the clubs Ski Doo snowmobile will be stored at the Hideaway Campground on an open trailer unless someone has an enclosed area that we could use.


Under Groomer the following was reported:

Groomer Master Brett Sanderson has sent the groomer to Cooks Equipment in Newport VT for a complete check over and servicing.



Groomer – cont.


A lengthy discussion was held on considering the purchase of a new drag for our trails. The new Mogul Master Drag, which is designed for our groomer, will reportable do a much better job on the trails as it is heavier and has three more cutting blades then our present unit. Upon a motion by Jack Koponen, seconded by Ted Stryhas, it was unanimously voted to purchase a new Mogul Master drag for our groomer if VAST approves our grant request.



Unfinished Business


There has been no report on the Ancient Roads Committee other than more meetings are scheduled now that winter is over.


Rick Yuris continues to keep the Web Site updated for our club preventing us from having to hire the design firm to do that work.


We have purchased a trailer for storing and transporting our BBQ and cooking equipment. A discussion was held on a price reduction offer for 10 light weight tables from LaValley’s. Upon a motion by Cindy Yuris, seconded by Bruce Ingerson, it was unanimously voted to purchase ten tables from LaValley’s to be used for our BBQ’s and other such events.


New Business


The final report of the season from the Membership Committee was presented. We sold a total of 920 TMA’s this season. It was noted that our account with VAST balanced perfectly at the end of the season.


The Activities Committee is discussing their calendar for next year and is open to suggestions. As was done for this past year most events will be centered on the warming hut, which has been recognized as a total success for our club.


President Murphy has chosen July 11th and October 3rd for our BBQ dates. Possibly we will hold additional events if the Knights of Columbus are not holding any BBQ’s.


The Ludlow Street Scapes organization has requested that we help them with their annual fundraising event by cooking chicken for them. It was the consensus that we participate with our labor and if appropriate donate the charcoal or something similar.


The fund raising committee reports that their efforts are well under way with the planning of the Annual Golf Tournament. Details were reviewed and as always those that can help should contact Chairperson Missy Waysville.


A discussion on the Groomer Hats and Trail Crew “T” Shirts that we provided to our workers last year. Upon a motion by Cindy Yuris, seconded by Ted Stryhas, it was unanimously voted to purchase Groomer Hats for those that groomed this year and Trail Crew shirts for those that work on the trails. Assistant Trail Master James Ellis will head up this program.


A discussion was held on the request from the Sons of American Legion for a donation. Upon a motion by Jack Koponen, seconded by Cindy Yuris, it was unanimously voted to support the Sons of American Legion fund raising requests.


Ted Stryhas informed those in attendance about the accomplishments of a group of female students at the Mount Holly School that have achieved some remarkable academic accomplishments this school year. Upon a motion by Bruce Ingerson, seconded by Cindy Yuris, is was unanimously voted to financially support  the effort to reward the students with a trip for which several events are being conducted to raise funds.


Club Public Information Officer Cindy Yuris will place a paid add in the two local newspapers thanking our landowners for allowing us to use their property this past year.


It was noted that we have some obligations that need follow thru for the gentleman that donated two snowmobiles to our club.




The recent activities of the Windsor County Snowmobile club meetings were reviewed.


There will be a mandatory VAST Construction Seminar for the 09-10 season on May 12th.


President Murphy will set the date for our next club meeting.


Upon a motion by Bruce Ingerson, seconded by Ted Stryhas, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.




















These minutes are to be submitted for approval at the next meeting and do not represent the official record of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club until approved by a vote of the membership.