The Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers

The 3-7-07 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy 6:37 PM. The meeting was held at Brett Sanderson's with 12 members present.

The January 13, 2007 minutes, upon a motion by Bill Davis, seconded by Rick Yuris were accepted as presented.

The Treasurers Report, upon a motion by Brett Sanderson, seconded by Scott Grover, was accepted as presented.

Correspondence was read into the record by Doug Peabody and President Murphy.

Under trails the following was reported:

a) Overall Conditions - President Murphy reported that all trails are in good shape.

b) Intersection Number Discrepancies - VAST has our WR-42 and WR-81 interchanged on the new maps. Trail Master Randy Ellison has yet to have the signs changed to coincide with the maps. Doug Peabody changed the numbers on the groomer sheets.

c) Scott Grover reported that permission for a re-route on the North Hill trail has been obtained and construction can be done next year.

d) President Murphy presented a difficulty a landowner from Ives Road is having, Scott Grover will follow up.

Under groomer it was reported:

a) the ice studs are on hand but not installed

b) President Murphy reports that the radio is yet to be re-programmed

c) The new hour and mileage meter has been installed.

d) No report on safety equipment.

e) Brett Sanderson reported that several repairs have been made to the groomer.

Under unfinished business:

a) President Murphy reports that the fund raising committee will be meeting soon about the Golf Tournament

b) Missy Waysville, Membership Chairperson submitted a report on TMA sales to date.

c) The "basket of cheer" raffle report was presented.

Under new business:

a) The International Snowmobile Congress, upcoming in two months, was discussed. It was the consensus that President Murphy should attend. He will bring a budget for consideration to the next meeting.

b) A discussion on the recent recovery of several members' snowmobiles that were stolen and the related arrests made by the Ludlow Police Department was held. Upon a motion by Missy Waysville, seconded by Bruce Ingerson, Brett Sanderson will obtain appropriate certificates for those involved in the investigation and the Secretary will prepare a letter to be sent to the Police Department.

c) A discussion was held on placing an add for our club in the Okemo Magazine, it was the consensus that it was to expensive.

The next meeting will be held at Bruce and Tula Ingerson's on Saturday, April 21st 2007 at 6:30 PM.

Upon a motion by Brett Sanderson seconded by Steve Kondracki the meeting was adjourned at 7:25PM.

Respectfully submitted;

Doug Peabody, Secretary