MEETING MINUTES


The 3/22/08 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy at 6:30 PM with 15 members present. The meeting was held at Scott and Jean Grover’s home on Nelson Road.


The 2/16/08 minutes, upon a motion by Rick Yuris, seconded by Randy Ellison, were accepted as presented.


The Treasurer’s report, upon a motion by Bob Pawlowski, seconded by Rick Yuris, was accepted as presented. Upon a motion by Randy Ellison, seconded by Rick Yuris, it was voted to add some additional funds to our existing CD when it is due to roll over.


Correspondence for the month was presented to the membership by Secretary Douglas Peabody.


Under Trails the following was reported:


Gate Inventory - James Ellis has completed this project.

2008 Projects – The following are projects that we need to prepare for next year;

            1) Bridge re-decking on Okemo trail- Scott reports work has begun on this project.

            2) Bridge Installation behind Sewer Plant

            3) By-pass trail, Bixby Rd. at the campground 

4) Mail Boxes for Cobblestone Road – John will speak to the mail delivery person to determine what our options are in relocating the mailboxes away from the trial.

5) Possible trail from Pinnacle area to Willy Dunn’s at the Golf Course – Doug will visit Town Hall to determine the landowners that would be involved.

6) Trail Side Brush Cutting – all trails need attention for next year.

Marking of Fire Road Trail – James Ellis completed this project the day after it was brought up at the last meeting.

New Property Owner – John reported that the property where Trail 127 goes from Route 100 South to Dam 5 has been sold; Doug will obtain the new owners information from

Town Hall.

Bridge Support Poles – Jeff Preedom will research the availability of surplus poles for this project.

Ives Road Trail – John pointed out the need to establish a path that the groomer can transverse on occasion to get snowmobile access to our trail from Ives Road. Scott and John will pursue this project for next year.

Trail Intersection Sign (RD-78) – Scott Grover reports that this sign has been located and re-installed on the sign post.


Under Groomer the following was reported:


Two Way Radio – President Murphy reports that we are closer to having a workable radio system in the groomer. Brett Sanderson is close to choosing a system for his business and we will be able to share it with him.

Track Studs  - This project has been completed.

Satellite Phone – John reports that a satellite phone is in place for our use, Jeff Preedom explained the conditions under which the phone was made available to us.

Brush Bar – The brush bar on the groomer has had some short term repairs made to it, further repairs will be made this summer.


Under Unfinished Business the following was reported:


Ancient Roads Committee – President Murphy reported that he is not aware of any progress on this issue since the last meeting.

Membership Committee – The general highlights of the membership to date for this year was given. The TMA count is up to 810 with more coming in. This is the highest number of TMA’s we have ever issued. More pickups from the vendors will be made at the end of the month.

Shelter Committee – Rick Yuris reports that this will be a summer time project and that the Town Officials indicated there would be no conflict with any regulations.

Web Site Maintenance – Doug Peabody reported that he has not received a reply from Steve Wilson.

VAST Birthday – This event is now scheduled for July 26th, details of our total responsibility are coming in slow. So far we are to BBQ chicken, amount not known.


Under New Business the following was reported:


County Meeting – Doug Peabody reported on the various issues and activities of the county club.  

Poker Run – President Murphy reported that the Poker Run was a success and plans to hold the event next year are being made.

Securing Right of Ways – John reported he will be doing research on this issue in the upcoming month.

Penny Sale – As requested by the Rotary Club we will provide some prizes for their use.

Upcoming Activities – A discussion on the upcoming activities for the summer, i.e. Club BBQ’s, VAST B-Day, VAST Annual Mtg. Trail Work Weekends, etc. The importance of creating a calendar so we can avoid conflicts was outlined. John will research the dates for the Club BBQ’s and next month at the meeting we will make a calendar of scheduled events.

Meetings – The April meeting will be held at Sams Restaurant on Wednesday, April 30th at 6:30PM. Sams will be putting out a tray of snacks for our enjoyment. The Annual VAST Mtg is to be held September 30th at Burke Mountain.


There being no further business to conduct, upon a motion by Randy Ellison, seconded by Bob Pawlowski the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.