MEETING MINUTES




The 1/17/09 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by Secretary Peabody at 7:00 PM with 11 members present. The meeting was held at Randy & Cheryl Ellison’s home on Ellison’s Lake Road in Ludlow. President Murphy was at work and joined the meeting at 7:30 PM.


The 12/6/08 minutes, upon a motion by Terry Ellison, seconded by Randy Ellison, were accepted as presented.


The Treasurer’s report, upon a motion by Terry Ellison, seconded by Jack Koponen, was accepted as presented.



 Trail Master Bruce Ingerson reviewed ongoing projects as follows;

2008 Projects

1) The by-pass trail at the Hideaway Campground is not completed and will be a project for next year.


2) The South Hill Trail re-route is complete for this year; additional work is needed for next year.


Under Groomer the following was reported:

A meeting of all groomer operators was held and after a review of procedures by President Murphy a schedule was made for the month of January.


A groomer maintenance work night scheduled for the 18th of January was canceled because of the pending storm. Brett Sanderson will re-schedule. Jack Kopenon reported some maintenance items that need attention; he will note them on the run sheet the next time he grooms.


Under Unfinished Business the following was reported:


Ancient Roads Committee – President Murphy reported that the committee is waiting for data entry to be done by the town.


Web Site – Rick Yuris was unable to attend the meeting. It was noted by those present that the web site looks great, is very informative and that Rick spends a lot of time keeping it updated.


Donated Snowmobiles – President Murphy explained that we received and accepted one bid for one of the two machines. The second machine will be used by the club as a maintenance machine and our old maintenance machine has been re-assigned.


Poker Run – President Murphy reported that the poker run was approximately 60 miles long and that 80 snowmobilers participated in the event. The winners were; 1st place Donald Patch, 2nd place Kyle Dougan and 3rd place Mike Kennedy


Satellite Phone - A discussion was held on the codes for the satellite phone. President Murphy will have the phone set up so a code is not needed.


 Under New Business the following was reported:


Membership - The membership committee reported 586 Early Bird TMA’s and 166 Regular TMA’s have been issued to date. We are on track to sell the same number as last year.


Activities Committee – The committee members were not present however it was noted that they have had a very active schedule of events that has greatly contributed to the creditability of our club.


VAST Landowner Survey – Questions reference landowners from VAST were reviewed and a consensus reached on an appropriate response. The members present opinioned that Landowners that snowmobile should be able to purchase a TMA for the same amount as a volunteer and that landowners that don’t snowmobile should receive something of equal value.


Meetings - Doug Peabody reported on the January County meeting. Our next meeting will be scheduled by President Murphy


Activities - The schedule of club activities was reviewed and special note made of the Poker Run to be held on February 14th.


Upon a motion by Jack Koponen, seconded by Terry Ellison the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.