The 1/16/08 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy at 6:47 PM with 14 members present. The meeting was held at John and Wanda Murphy’s home on Soapstone Road.


The 12/8/07 minutes, upon a motion by Rick Yuris, seconded by Billy Davis, were accepted as presented.


The Treasurer’s report, upon a motion by Bruce Ingerson seconded by Billy Davis, was accepted as presented.


Correspondence for the month was presented to the membership by Secretary Douglas Peabody.


Under Trails the following was reported:


Trail Projects – President Murphy noted that bridge decking will be done on six bridges this summer and Assistant Trail Master James Ellis is doing a gate inventory.

Trail Signing – It was noted that Terry Ellison is experiencing some health issues and that Assistant Trail Master James Ellis has taken on and completed all sign installation, including new signs at all of the road crossings warning motor vehicle operators not to go on the trial with a motor vehicle. President Murphy has alerted the Police Department that the new signs are sufficient warning for the police to ticket violators.

Fall downs – President Murphy reported that he, James Ellis, Steve Kondracki and Dave Berry have been out taking care of the downed trees from recent wind storms. He noted that there are a few more to do.


Under Groomer the following was reported:


Two Way Radio – President Murphy reports that he is pursuing two different solutions to our two way radio coverage problems. Upon a motion by Rick Yuris, seconded by Steve Kondracki, and passed by the members present, President Murphy is authorized to purchase whatever is needed to assure the groomer is equipped with a two way radio system that will serve our needs.

Safety Equipment – Vice President Steve Kondracki reported that Assistant Trail Master James Ellis had him pick up what he believes is the last of the safety equipment needed for the groomer.

Groomer Operator Scheduling – once again due to the situation with Terry Ellison Assistant Trail Master James Ellis has stepped forward and will be doing the groomer schedule for operators.

Groomer Work Night and Training – Assistant Vice President Scott Grover reported that the groomer was totally serviced and several operators trained last Thursday evening.  


Under Unfinished Business the following was reported:


Ancient Roads Committee – President Murphy reported on the committee progress and their plans to submit an interim report to the Board of Selectmen soon.

Membership Committee – Committee Chairperson Missy Waysville reports that to date we have issued 679 TMAs and collected $4,391.00 in donations. More pickups from the vendors will be made at the end of the month.

Shelter Committee – Rick Yuris reports that the design has been decided and drawings have been made. A material list has been given to Ted Stryhas as he indicated he may be able to obtain some of the material for us. President Murphy will check with Town Officials to assure there will be no violations of local zoning by placing a temporary structure on the trail Assistant Trail Master Bruce Ingerson offered and was accepted to take Terry Ellison’s place on this committee.

Sewer Plant Beavers – President Murphy reported that we will build a bridge behind the sewer plant next year as the beavers continue to build a dam which causes the area to flood.



Under New Business the following was reported:


County Meeting – Doug Peabody reported on the various issues and activities of the county club, including their intent to purchase new intersection signs. Upon a motion by Billy Davis, seconded by Missy Waysville,  Doug Peabody is authorized to purchase enough signs, in addition to what the County purchases, to do all of the trails we groom.

Web Site – A discussion was held on the web site and how fortunate our club has been to have Steve Wilson create and maintain the site over the past several years. Steve has indicated that his availability to do the work is more limited now than in the past and he has difficulty keeping up. After a lengthy discussion on the subject and upon a motion by Bruce Ingerson, seconded by Billy Davis it was voted to write to Steve and thank him for all of his service and advise him that we will follow other avenues to keep the web site maintained and up to date. Doug Peabody will write the letter and also request all of the information for licensing and accessing the site.

Hideaway Campground Trail – President Murphy reports the hill on this trail is a problem for the groomer. A by-pass trail will be pursued for the next season.


Meetings – The February meeting will be held at Bob and Rose Pawlowski’s on Saturday the 16th. Bob and Rose live on Chapman Road in Ludlow.  The March meeting will be held at Bruce and Tuula Ingerson’s on a date to be announced.


There being no further business to conduct, upon a motion by Steve Kondracki, seconded by Billy Davis the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.