The Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers

The 1-13-07 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy 6:15 PM. The meeting was held at Randy and Cheryl Ellison's with 14 members present.

The December 13, 2006 minutes, upon a motion by Brett Sanderson, seconded by Steve Kondracki were accepted as presented.

The Treasurers Report, upon a motion by Brett Sanderson, seconded by Scott Grover, was accepted as presented.

Correspondence was read into the record by Doug Peabody.

Under trails the following was reported:

a) Overall Conditions - Trail Master Randy Ellison reported that with the exception of some downed trees all trails are in good condition. He explained that the trails have been too wet to clean up and as soon as they are frozen we will clean them up.

b) Mount Holly Trail - Terry Ellison has talked to Kurt Marshall about the US Route 155 end of Corridor 7, Kurt advises that if the ledges are not covered with snow it is OK for the groomer to use the fire road. Terry Ellison will put up the appropriate signs.

c) Intersection Number Discrepancies - VAST has our WR-42 and WR-81 interchanged on the new maps. Trail Master Randy Ellison will merely change the signs to coincide with the maps. Doug Peabody will change the numbers on the groomer sheets.

d) Border to Border - Windsor County has asked the officials in charge not to go through our County until after 6:00AM. Randy Ellison has the signs provided for the ride and will put them out in time for the February 3rd event.

Under groomer it was reported that Mike Blaze will program the radio so that it will be usable from all areas that the groomer covers. President Murphy will follow up on this issue. The ice studs and fuel filters are here and will be installed soon. The new hour and mileage meter is also here, Rick Yuris will install it and the old one will be returned to Cooks. No report on safety equipment. Terry Ellison will organize refresher training for the groomer. Terry will also put out a sign up sheet to determine who is available for grooming and then make out a schedule based on the results.

Under unfinished business President Murphy reports that the fund raising committee will be meeting soon. Missy Waysville, Membership Chairperson submitted a report on TMA sales. The "basket of cheer" raffle is progressing. President Murphy will follow up with the Winter Carnival officials to determine our involvement in the February 3rd event this year. The President is authorized to establish a budget for the event if necessary.

Under new business Doug Peabody reported on the Windsor County Snowmobile Club meeting held January 9th. By consensus the Club Ride In scheduled for January 27th was canceled.

The next meeting will be held at Brett Sanderson's on Wednesday February 14th.

Upon a motion by Terry Ellison seconded by Brett Sanderson the meeting was adjourned at 7:05PM.

Respectfully submitted;
Doug Peabody, Secretary