The Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers

The 12/08/07 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy at 6:45 PM with 14 members present. The meeting was held at Randy and Cheryl Ellison's home.

The 11/7/07 minutes, upon a motion by Terry Ellison, seconded by Randy Ellison, were accepted as presented.

The Treasurer's report, upon a motion by Terry Ellison seconded by Bob Pawolski, was accepted as presented.

Correspondence for the month was presented to the membership by Secretary Douglas Peabody. President Murphy reviewed newspaper articles reference to snowmobile usage of Moses Pond Road in Weston. There is some public opposition to the use of the 2.2 mile section of road by snowmobiles and President Murphy asked all of our members exercise extreme caution and courtesy when on this road.

Under Trails the following was reported:
Bridge Decking Okemo Trail - Terry Ellison reported that temporary repairs have been made for this season and the total project will be completed next summer.

North Hill Re-route - Doug Peabody reports that this project has been completed.

Additional Grooming Mt Holly - President Murphy reports that there will be no additional grooming responsibilities for us in Mount Holly this year.

Okemo - This project, which was brought to our attention a short time ago, consists of a gate and fence installation requested by a new land owner. Terry Ellison reports that the project has been completed. President Murphy will contact the land owner and report the completion so he may inspect the work if he wishes.

Trail Signing - Terry Ellison reports that all sign installation is done with the exception of some additional signs along the trails, and North Hill. Brian Ellison and Bernie Ellison will be doing all of the North Hill signs on Sunday, December 09th and Terry Ellison will be doing the trail signs on Wednesday, December 12th.

South Hill Culverts - President Murphy reported that fill has been placed along the South Hill Road to help us stay off of the traveled portion; actual culverts will be installed next year.

Under Groomer the following was reported:
Two Way Radio - there is no progress to report at this time. Terry Ellison will look into borrowing the satellite phone for the groomer from Ted Stryhas again this year.

Safety Equipment - James Ellis will be completing this project as soon as the cabinets are mounted to the groomer.

Plow Frame Committee - the new frame has been delivered and insurance company checks have been received to cover the cost. The frame will be mounted on Thursday, December 13th.

Training Program & Groomer Servicing Committee - Terry Ellison reports that a combination Groomer work party and Training Session will be conducted on Thursday evening, December 13th. Terry will notify all potential operators of the program scheduled for 6PM. President Murphy reinforced the policy that in order to operate the groomer members must be certified by the Groomer Master Brett Sanderson. Also the decision on rather or not the groomer goes out and with which equipment, when conditions are questionable, will be that of Brett Sanderson and Terry Ellison. In addition all scheduling of groomer operators for this year will be done by Terry Ellison. Scheduled operators are responsible to find their own replacement if they cannot meet their obligation.

Under Unfinished Business the following was reported:
Ancient Roads Committee - James Ellis attended the most recent meeting and reported little progress. President Murphy reviewed the importance of the committee's work and noted that we must stay on top of the situation to assure all possible trails are included on the final map presented to the public and Board of Selectmen.

Safety Course - Safety Officer Ron Bixby conducted this year's course on December 8th at the Ludlow Fire Department along with several assistant instructors. It was noted that the course was successful. Consideration is being given to the club sponsoring an abbreviated adult course for those interested.

Membership Committee - Committee Member Terry Peabody reported that she has personally completed 245 TMAs to date and collected $3,258.00 in donations. No count was available from the vendors at this point. All completed TMAs will be collected on December 15th as the new prices go into effect on the 16th. The Secretary was asked to send and e-mail reminder to those on the e-mail list that prices increase on the 16th.

Annual Road Use Letter - The letter to the Board of Selectmen requesting permission to ride on certain roads was submitted and has been approved by the Board of Selectmen.

Under New Business the following was reported:
Terry Ellison reported that James Ellis and Steve Kondracki have completed an inventory of our bridges with adequate detail on sizes, materials etc. James Ellis suggested that we also inventory all of our gates; he will work with Terry Ellison on this project.

A discussion was held on the possibility of placing a shelter of sorts at the intersection of Corridors 127A and 127B where out trail camera is located. Upon a motion by Terry Ellison, seconded by Doug Peabody, it was voted to authorize Rick Yuris, Bernie Ellison, Terry Ellison and Scott Grover to get a shelter in place at this intersection for this season, as they deem appropriate.

Cindy Yuris asked all present to please get information to her about any club activities for the VAST newspaper article, which she must have prepared and sent in by the 15th of the month.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 16th at John and Wanda Murphy's on Soapstone Road in Ludlow and the February meeting will be held, Saturday, February 16th, at the home of Bob and Rose Pawolski, on Chapman Avenue in Ludlow.

There being no further business to conduct, upon a motion by Bernie Ellison, seconded by Terry Ellison, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.