The Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers

The 10/06/07 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy at 6:37 PM. The meeting was held at Rick and Cindy Yuris home with 14 members and 1 landowner guest, Mr. Tom Shea, present.

The 9/5/07 minutes, upon a motion by Terry Ellison, seconded by Randy Ellison, were accepted as presented.

The Treasurers report, upon a motion by Bernie Ellison, seconded by Randy Ellison was accepted as presented.

Correspondence for the month was presented to the membership by Secretary Douglas Peabody.

Under Trails the following was reported:
Bridge Decking Okemo Trail - Terry Ellison reported that the key to the state fire road has been obtained from the state forester and will be used to give us access for materials and equipment needed for the bridge work on Okemo trail. President Murphy will have a bridge pole delivered and Doug will order the necessary lumber.
Soapstone Road Culvert - Doug reported that the culvert has been delivered and will be put in when the excavator becomes available for the South Hill project.
Sewer Plant Bridge - President Murphy reports he will meet with the appropriate officials in the near future on this project. This project is not a priority for this year. The beaver dam has been removed and this area is dry at this time.
Brian Glenn Re-route - President Murphy reports that 90% of this project is complete, only culvert installation, seeding and haying remain. This will be done as soon as the excavator becomes available.
North Hill Re-route - Scott Grover has obtained landowner permission from two of three landowners involved in this project, work will be done tomorrow, Sunday at 10:00 AM. Bernie Ellison will talk to Mr. Kasputus, the third landowner to make sure he is in agreement with the changes and work to be done.
Additional Grooming Mt Holly - President Murphy reports that he has not heard back from VAST on this issue.

Under Groomer the following was reported:
Two Way Radio - no progress to report at this time.
Safety Equipment - no progress to report at this time.
Plow Frame Committee -this was referred to the insurance company who has agreed to fund a portion of the damage. A new frame will be ordered.
Training Program Committee - Doug Peabody reported that Brett Sanderson is willing to present the rules for future operators to follow. A schedule of two meetings for those who wish to operate the groomer will be set up. In order for anyone to operate the groomer in the future they must be approved by the Groomer Master Brett Sanderson.

Under Unfinished Business the following was reported:
Ancient Roads Committee - President Murphy reports that several meetings have taken place and the Town Manager appointed committee is making progress. A committee Chairperson is to be appointed by the Town Manager.
Audit Committee - Doug Peabody reported that he and Steve Kondracki have reviewed the books, compared our balances with the bank statements and determined that all is in proper order.

Under New Business the following was reported:
Groomer Insurance - The groomer insurance was reviewed and based on information President Murphy obtained the insured value will remain at the purchase price level.
Snowmobile Safety - Safety Officer Ron Bixby reports that there will be a class scheduled for December 8th 2007 at the Ludlow Fire Department. Ron reported that anyone born after July 1st, 1983 that has not yet taken the course must do so if they are over 12 years of age.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 7th, 2007, 6:30 PM at the Ellison lake house on Ellison's Lake Road in Ludlow.

There being no further business to conduct the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.