MEETING MINUTES



The 10/25/08 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy at 6:40 PM with 13 members present. The meeting was held at Sam’s Restaurant in Ludlow.

The 9/10/08 minutes, upon a motion by Jeff Predom, seconded by Bruce Ingerson, were accepted as presented.

The Treasurer’s report, upon a motion by Rick Yuris, seconded by Michelle Doyle, was accepted as presented.


Trail Master Bruce Ingerson reviewed ongoing projects as follows;

2008 Projects

1) Bridge re-decking on Okemo trail- Project is completed.

2) Culvert Installation behind Sewer Plant was avoided with a slight re-route that became apparent during brush hogging operations.

3) By-Pass Trail on 127 behind the campground has been cut. A date for excavation has not been set yet.

4) There were no updates for the South Hill Trail re-route

5) Groomer Trail changes are pending. President Murphy reports that Brett Sanderson is going to do this trail.

6) President Murphy has arranged to have the South Hill drainage project completed.

7) The Ives Road access trail for the landowner has been completed.

8) Brush Hogging and de-brushing of all trails has been completed.

9) The trail adjacent Nelson Road will need additional signing this year per an agreement between Trail Master Ingerson and the landowner.

Other: Tom Potter will not be putting out signs this year and Glebe Road will need "stay on trail" signs.


Under Groomer the following was reported:

Satellite Phone - President Murphy reports that the phone has been purchased and turned over to Assistant Trailer Master James Ellis.

After a discussion on groomer maintenance President Murphy appointed a committee consisting of Bruce Ingerson, James Ellis and Rick Yuris whose charge is to coordinate with Groomer Master Brett Sanderson to assure that all needed maintenance and equipment installation is done before grooming season.

Under Unfinished Business the following was reported:

Ancient Roads Committee – President Murphy noted that the committee did not have anything to report at this meeting.

Shelter Committee – Rick Yuris reported that the project is complete for all intents and purposes and that power has been installed in the building. A chimney will be installed in the near future and the activities committee will use the building as a focal point for some of their events.

Securing Rights of Ways - President Murphy reports this project is complete and the landowner has signed the paperwork which has been filed in the Town Clerks Office.

Web Site – Rick Yuris reports that we have a contractor now working on the web site. Anyone with ideas on what is needed should contact Rick. Michelle Doyle volunteered to run a clothing store on the web site once it is set up to do so.

Tiny Pond Trail – Trail Master Bruce Ingerson led a discussion on the feasibility of re-establishing this trail as a secondary trail to the Shrewsbury area. As this is a difficult task, at this time we will remove it from the agenda and monitor any changes that might allow for a trail in the future.

VAST Annual Meeting: President Murphy reported on the annual gathering and the issues discussed at the business meeting.

October BBQ: President Murphy reported on the BBQ and thanked those that participated.

Under New Business the following was reported:

A new insurance policy for the groomer for the 08/09 year has been issued. President Murphy has checked with the groomer vendor and determined that the values should remain as they are. Insurance on the new satellite phone will be added to the policy.

President Murphy reports that we will be part of a sponsorship for two poker runs this year, one on January 17th and another on February 14th. Both will begin and end at the Mount Holly Odd Fellows Hall. Five clubs from Windsor and Rutland County will sponsor the event.

President Murphy reports that two snowmobiles have been donated to the club. Bruce Ingerson will service and evaluate them after which we will set a value and accept offers from the membership.

The 2008/2009 club TMA Applications have been mailed out. We have not received the TMA’s from VAST at this point.

A discussion was held on the cost of insuring the new warming hut; it was the consensuses to self insure it at this point.

Club Safety Officer Ron Bixby has set December 6th for holding a snowmobile safety course. It will be held at the Ludlow Fire Station.

The annual request to the Board of Selectmen for use of some of the Town roads for snowmobiling has been submitted and the issue will appear on the November agenda of the Board.

A review of the October County meeting was given by President Murphy.

The next meeting will be held at the home of Tim and Michelle Doyle on Saturday December 6th.

Upon a motion by Doug Peabody, seconded by Bruce Ingerson the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.