The 10/24/09 meeting of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club was called to order by President Murphy at 6:40 PM with 21 members present. The meeting was held at Samís Steakhouse in Ludlow.


The 9/19/09 minutes, upon a motion by Missy Waysville, seconded by Scott Grover, were accepted as presented.


The Treasurerís report, upon a motion by Bruce Ingerson and seconded by Rick Yuris, was accepted as presented.


All correspondence was read and discussed.




Trail Master Bruce Ingerson reported on the progress of getting the trails ready for the upcoming season. Brush Hogging is completed, the culvert project on North Hill has been installed, the portion of the South Hill Trail that the club was responsible for is completed and the Glebe Road project is completed except for spraying hay. Signs are in the process of being installed.Trail Master Bruce reported that culvert and drainage repair is needed on Preedom Road extension as recent heavy rains have washed out the area. Patrick Neher will take his excavator there, as it is nearby, and do the repairs. Bob Pawlowski has made some steel devices to help in putting in the sign stakes without damaging them.


Trail Master Bruce acknowledged the extensive amount of excavator work done on the South Hill trail by Willie Arnow at no charge to the club. Expressions of appreciation were given to Willie by the members present.



President Murphy reports that the groomer and new drag will be delivered in late November.


Unfinished Business

There has been no report on the Ancient Roads from the committee members.


The storage racks for the BBQ Trailer have been partially completed by Dave Berry. Equipment will be loaded in the near future. The trailer for storage of trail equipment has been delivered and will be taken to Trail Master Bruceís to build storage racks.


There is still a need to perform some repairs to a trailer and four wheeler for the person that donated the snowmobiles to the club. President John stated he will coordinate this project with Trail Master Bruce and Vice President Steve.


President Murphy reports that he cooked chicken for the Street Scapes BBQ fundraiser and in the name of the club personally donated the charcoal and BBQ sauce to them. There were a total of 40 man hours donated in labor.


President Murphy has the CCD Snowmobile Safety Lights and they are available to members for a reduced price.


The Coats for Kids program is going very well. To date 38 items have been collected and provided to those in need.


New Business

The Activities Committee is discussing their calendar for next year and is open to suggestions. As was done for this past year most events will be centered on the warming hut.


Missy Waysville, Chairperson for the Membership Committee reports that 53 TMAís have been completed as of this date and grooming donations are on track.


Safety Officer Ron Bixby reports that the December 5th course has been moved from the fire station to the library because of a larger then anticipated registration. Ron has phone numbers for all of those registered to date and will notify them of the change. Ron also reminded all that strict compliance with the course rules will be followed.


Patrick Neher suggested that we purchase some kind of warning lights to use when the winch cable is being used on the groomer as a snowmobiler cannot always see the cable and could get hurt if did not see it. Patrick will research what is available and bring the information to the next meeting.


Vice President Steve Kondracki sent word that we will be splitting wood and delivering it on Tuesday afternoon.


Rick Yuris led a discussion on the need of a feasibility study for building a storage facility for the groomer. It was the consensus that Rick would chair a committee with Patrick Neher, Bruce Ingerson, Brett Sanderson and any others interested on it and to report its findings at a future meeting.


The next meeting will be held on December 5th at the home of Tim and Michelle Doyle. The agenda will be brief and the beginning of the holiday season will be celebrated.


The door prize drawing was won by Ron Bixby.


Dates to Remember


††††††††††† December 5th - Safety Course at the Library

††††††††††† December 5th - Meeting at Tim and Michelle Doyleís


Upon a motion by Missy Waysville, seconded by Michelle Doyle, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.